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Thread: What are you doing, New years, New Years Eve?

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    Originally posted by Danustouch
    Dont' they have waterfire that night? I hear it's a big hullaballoo....But..John won't go near providence if he can avoid it. I love it though. Have fun!
    I don't think they're having Waterfire (but I wish they would - we didn't arrive in time to see it this year!) but some of the things I want to see are the Peking acrobats, the Japanese drumming and the Gargoyles ("Performance artists bring stone gargoyles engagingly to life to the strains of ethereal music."). Here's a link to the event site if you want to see what the hullabaloo's all about. Or if there's anyone else in the Providence area.

    What part of RI are you in? I'd love to join a discussion group or something. One of my goals in moving was to meet some RL pagans, as 99% of my contact has been online. PM me if you want to talk further.

    Witchy, do your boys stay up to welcome in the new year?
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    I live in Burrillville, which is a little less than an hour away from Providence, I think. friend lives in Woonsocket, which is kind of half way between. And that is most likely where we would start having our discussion group. So far, we haven't advertised it, and though she has a couple of other Pagan Friends, I think we're just going to start fresh (her old pagan friends are a little bit.....ummmm....loopy. Not that i'm not..but if you knew them, you'd know what I mean). So that might mean putting something up around our towns, and on Witchvox. Then again, even if it was just us three to start..that would be cool If you don't drive, or are afraid you won't really be able to find your way, I know that there is a bus from Kennedy Plaza in Providence, right to Park Square in Woonsocket, where we could easily meet you, and come to pick you up. It's less than a block away from there
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    I'll probably be here until 11, then watch TV until midnight or so. *shrugs* Pa's working nightshift again this year, so it's not likely we'll be going anywhere....

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    This year looks pretty dull, i did have plans to go to medievil times but they fell through so now the night prior to my day of birth *jan 1st* i will be sitting at home wishing my boyfriend would turn off the ball dropping thing. *le sigh*

    and this is my 21st no less. Stinks!
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    Today's my fiance's 25th birthday as well as New Year's Eve, so I'm getting plastered. He won't drink :D Heck, most of the time he abstains from caffeine too, just because he wants his body in tip top shape, and now he's thinking about going into competition.

    So yeah, huge party, lots of friends, fun, and drunken party games.

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    wow I thought that I was going to have an exciting new years, better then last, Last new years I spent with 2 friends who got drunk and were fighting over who'd get the new years kiss, sadly to say they both passed out 10 minutes to midnight. . . LOL

    but this year I'm home and I'll be going out bowling with my cousin and her hubby. I'd have a guy to go out with too, but he already had a date with his brother up in montana. . . oh well, 3 new years with no kiss. . . sigh
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    Staying at home, like always!! Watching TV, posting, ya know, a normal night!

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    I'm with Raevyn... today working till not sure when, then going out to a club afterwards and going balistik! :D:D:D:D:D
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    Prolly fighting with hubby. :D

    We have plans to go to my best friend's party. We went there two years ago, then last year was at his best friends...this year mine... and so on. The catch is that he insists that he doesn't like my best friend (old issues having nothing to do with me but he is a stubborn Tauras male! grrr) even though he has fun everytime we are together. They live an hour away, so we planned to stay over. Now he has decided he doesn't want to stay over or if we do stay over, he wants to leave by 8:30 am. He *says* he wants to be home and have fun playing withthe kids, but I know he *really* wants to play on his new computer and computer games. What a dork.

    I'd probably do better hanging out here!

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    I'm definitely staying home tonight........Lets have a party online.....Maybe we are total geeks............

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