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Thread: Wildcrafted herbs for pain in joints/muscles/connective tissue

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    Wildcrafted herbs for pain in joints/muscles/connective tissue

    My son wants to start making herbal salves and wildcrafting herbs. I've had a lot of pain in my muscles and connective tissue due to what may be lyme-related fibro. There's plenty of mugwort and ground ivy around. What are some good "beginner" herbs that grow in Northeastern cities and parks that are good in a topical salve for pain? I thought it'd be a good project to start him with, have him make a salve for pain.

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    The one herb I can think of that has amazing results for this sort of thing might not be available wild in your area.
    I cannabis salves.

    As a salve I've seen chickweed and yarrow used.
    Chickweed to reduce inflammation and Yarrow as a pain reducer.

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    Looking up treatments just for joint pain, I've found difficult and usually just look up arthritis, even though they aren't necessarily the same thing.

    This site gives some interesting tips:

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    I know that marijuana works well for muscle pain. I know that now there are many stains of marijuana, for example, this one copes well with pains. I know that this marijuana's stain grows well at home. My friend grew a couple of medical marijuana bushes in the garage. He says that in two months you can grow good hemp. His mother had cancer. He tried to ease her pain as best he could. He cooked with marijuana, his mother didn't smoke. It was very helpful to her.



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