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Thread: Painful Tailbone

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    Painful Tailbone

    Okay, some will snicker over this one and others will think karmic retribution, but several months ago I fell down my staircase and hurt my tailbone and it stilll hurts. That's right, not only am I a pain in the hindquarters, but I have one.

    I have had it xrayed and there is nothing they can see causing the pain. The only time it hurts is when I am sitting down or laying on my back, the rest of the time, I am fine.

    My doctor and I agree that its most likely either bruides or a soft tissue injury, neither of which can be treated other than pain meds and trying not to sit or lay in ways that aggravate it.

    So for those that aren't laughing too hard, could you send a little energy for this pain in the butt to have less pain in her butt?
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    When I was a teenager, my brother pulled a chair out from under me as I was sitting down. Let me say, "OWWW!" Having a painful tailbone is MISERABLE!!!

    Good energy sent! Also, find yourself a "doughnut cushion" if you can... it's a cushion with a hole in the middle, and position your tailbone right above the hole. Helps take the pressure off of it.
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