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Thread: Fae Folk

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    Fae Folk

    I know that the fae have a very bad reputation with some and most others but honestly, it is the area I would like to delve the deepest into. If I may ask, I'd like some positive (or at least honest but not brutal) information that you may have to share, or maybe some advice? I read a book on faeriecraft and I wouldn't say I'd follow it 100% but I'd definitely like to apply myself to that specific area, because I feel as if it's calling out to me. Not to mention I think I've had some very....uplifting, should I say, experiences with them.

    So, if you have anything good or helpful to tell me on the matter, please do~

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    Yikes. I couldn't find any good websites on the subject, so I'd try to find more books, or people more experiences, if I were you!

    There are many other forums online that have areas on the subject. You should check them out. Try looking for "top 100 occult sites" or magick sites, etc. They will have LOADS of links for sites with people to talk to!

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    The Fae get a 'bad rep' from some people because the Fae hold you to your word. There is no flexibility with them, which is why I like them so much.

    It is also pretty well acknowledged that the Fae are not all fluffy rainbows. There are definitely darker, crueler Fae out there.

    I see it as just another facet of the world.
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    I never dealt with the Fae but would really like to, has anyone ever been in their realm or seen them in this one, and what do they look like.

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    Yeah, I'd just say be careful and know what you're doing. They can be helpful, but like Kraheera said, they hold you to your word!

    I have this book on working with faeries.. it's called A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk by Edain McCoy

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    i'd be very cautious. the sidh are not inclined to trust humans and even if they want ye to do something they are inclined to not tell ye every aspect of what they want. so ye can be blind sided and they will have dealt with ye honestly, just not completely.

    if ye've worked through the "terms" completely ye have a better chance of actually having the kind of "relationship" with them ye thought ye were getting.

    just my experience.

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    I would also be carefull as the sidhe are not known to be entirly hoenst either. If you enter in to any kind of agreement, make sure the wording is very literall, with no loop holes or the like. I would also be carefull if any one asked you for your name.
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    I am a follower of the Faery Faith. Yes I have seen them in our realm they are always around. Yes I have been to their realm. It is a beautiful place filled with much mystery.

    They can appear as orbs of light or as animals. They also tend to take the appearance of what you expect them to look like. They are a cautious people and they DO hold you to your words.

    Their personalities are as varied as humans. They all do not like destroyers of nature *this includes you throwing your cigarette butt on the ground*

    I recommend caution when trying to approach them. Leave gifts of milk and honey and sweet breads for them daily. They love shiney things such as shiny coins or trinkets.

    Should you be in wilderness be on the look out for Faery Rings/circles and be sure not to enter.

    They are easily offended so use your words wisely at all times. Do not eat or drink of their food or drink as this could entrap you. *according to folk belief*

    Do not every try to command or demand anything of them. It is highly rude and they will see it as such. You are not of a higher ranking then they are!!!

    Durring your Sabbat Rituals and Full Moon rituals make a general call to the Shinning Ones and ask them to come to your circle to join in the worship of the lord and lady. Be sure to say goodbye to them when its time to close the circle.

    After time you will eventually establish a relationship with them if they choose to associate with you. They might make their presence known by playing tricks on you like hiding your keys or turning things on or off. Its just a way for them to say hi I'm here.

    Kindly acknoledge their presence and leave them a gift and ask them to please return your things.

    Calling them to work magick is something I would avoid doing untill you have a stronger relationship with them and communicate with them on a regular basis. That way when you wish their help for magick you can explain what it is your doing and why and then they will help you if they deem it appropriate. IF you do not have a relationship with them and you call them to help you they may work against you if they dont like what your doing.

    Hope this helps some. If you have a specific question in regards to them I'm sure I'lll have an answer for you.

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    IME Fey are unpredictable. You should probably avoid interacting with them until you have mastered the more basic aspects of spirit communication and astral work.

    Ignore, or dismiss the lot of info you get from books. Honestly, you are dealing with individual spirits who reside in different locations around the world. You are unlikely to ever encounter the red handed fey that travels the roads of Ireland (a very specific place I believe, sorry I read the McCoy book myself, dont remember the specifics of this guy) in Canton or Mexico City or Moscow or Sidney. You are far more likely to encounter fey of that location. The rules for interacting with Irish or Celtic fey might not work well with the New World spirits.

    In every action show respect, a gift for a gift, a kindness for a kindness, and hospitality. If you accept a gift from a fey and do not return with one yourself expect that gift to sour, or disappear. If you are kind to the fey they should be kind, but one harsh word, one rebuke and expect hell to pay. In your home you are host, treat them with respect, give them fine food and drink a place to rest and entertainment or you will be abandoned, or worse, cursed by the fey.

    Accept them at their word. Guess what, in the spirit world there is little room for head games. If a fey spirit says something, accept it. Never lie to a spirit, never try to deceive them, if there is one way to ruin your spiritual relationship quickly it is to try to deceive a spirit. Spirits talk, and after one or two little white lies you are persona non grata in the fey worlds. Best to be honest and be nice. Dont try that "Ghost Hunters" crud on these spirits. Don't try to show the world they exist. Why? Cause they don't want to work with every individual who thinks that simply because they exist outside of the corporeal realm they can intercede in matters that they would rather never deal with.
    Human drama annoys them. Almost every fey tradition speaks of the fey removing themselves from this world because of war, or strife or just getting fed up with the bullshit that our particular brand of culture tends to fling... If you have a human problem, best not to turn to the fey for assistance. Boyfriend issues, fey don't care, no job, fey don't care, bills, fey don't care, ext...

    You might try inviting the more playful ones in by putting something bright and shiny, but small, in a window, around some flowers.
    For that matter, plants attract fey like nothing else I have encountered. Every time I put viable living seeds into a pot of dirt I have a fairy experience (the kind I will be laughed at for describing) so you might want to plant and tend a small herb garden in a pot or outdoors. Inside mind that you have invited the fey into your home with the living plant, mistreat the plant, let it die and the fey will be rather cross with you. Do it enough and you might find yourself with night terrors and horrible coincidences in your life. Put small shiny things around the plant to encourage their interest. Talk to the plant and give it respect and kindness. Treat the plant as a person and the fey will take to you quickly. But, the plant and the fey are two distinct things, simply treating the plant well will get you respect, but you must also interact with the spirit.

    When you encounter fey in your home do not show fear. Fear is a game to them. If a black mass that looks vaguely menacing freaks you out, probably best not to interact with fey for now. You dont like getting poked in the middle of the night? Best to avoid working with these spirits. If you dislike waking up to glowing lights and laughter... You get my point. For that matter, if you are mentally unbalanced dont work with the fey. The fey are not like elementals that can be called and dismissed in ritual setting. Work with fey is more like getting to know the neighbors, and not having a lock on your door. There is no effective universal method of Banishing or dismissing fey, they tend to laugh at our idea of magic. If you piss one of them off they can make your life hell just for fun. Appeasing them is difficult, if not impossible after annoying them.

    Fey and other members of your house... This is an issue, fey are very real, very playful beings. If you are involved with the fey, and say... live with a mundane son of a blank that doesnt believe in magic or spirits, they will enjoy themselves at his expense. My S.O. is an atheist without a concept of magic or even a belief in the spirit, the fey know this, and take great pleasure in making him the butt of their jokes, targeting his items, hiding his things, finding ways to annoy him and showing themselves for the briefest of moments. They find it to be more fun then working with me, because he squeels like a little girl. The same is true of pets, children, and other spirits around your home.

    Anyway, thats my two (plus) cents...

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    Okay, some people talk of being kind to fae in your house and make sure you don't wind them up. These particular things sound more like mischevious spirits or even poltergeists than fae. This is my personal view of what the Fae might be > A distortion in time of certain ancient humans or types of gods. They appeared linked to the Tuatha de Danann of Ireland, and the Sidhe. The elves in Germanic myths are regarded as fae. There are elementals who now would be called fae. Some countries view fairies as being wingless, normal looking people with unusual abilities, such as the Huldra in Norway. The present idea of faries being tiny winged creatures is quite Victorian but fairies are a very big and diverse subject. Look up similar stories about the different winged elementals, fairy folk, and also trolls, banshees, elves, boggarts and goblins.
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