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Thread: Any English Witches out there?

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    Talking Any English Witches out there?

    Hello, everyone!

    The husband and I are considering moving somewhere in the UK, (from the US). We are looking at living just outside of London, England, but are open to other suggestions. This is going to be a few years down the road, but we were going to start saving soon, as it's going to be MAD expensive.

    I wanted to know if anyone currently living in England had any advice, or if any of you have made the move. I'm not sure whether we want to move east/south/north/west of the city, so I need help looking for places to start, finding where the best places to live are for pagans, etc.

    If anyone has any advice, that would be wonderful. thanks!!!
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    Manchester, UK
    My (bias) suggestion is Manchester - the city is fantastic, its an easy reach to all sorts of rural places and theres quite a big Pagan population here

    Good luck with your move!

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    Sorry I know you posted this a long time ago but I've only just decided to come out of the shadows!

    If you are still interested in moving to the UK I would suggest doing as much research as possible, which is of course obvious. I would suggest asking what it is you like, are you a city dweller or would you like some countryside?

    London is great but so expensive. We have some other cities which are that much cheaper. Manchester is great, fabulous university, museums, art galleries and an amazing alternative shopping centre (aflecks palace).

    I personally love Newcastle-upon-Tyne, itís a nice small city which has managed to retain some fabulous architecture whilst currently trying to embrace eco-living, they are currently or have converted all of their buses to eco-fuels.

    Iím currently residing in Wales, rural Wales, which although beautiful has many problems, lack of resources etc.

    Iím originally from the midlands which as the name would suggest is pretty central which allows people to access many locations. I.e. from Manchester you can get to London in under an hour (on the high speed trains), from Staffordshire you can access Derby, Chester, Manchester, Sheffield and London.

    So it all depends what you fancy.

    Iíve never personally sought any pagan groups but I know of a lot that exist, you might be interested in this site which brings together a lot UK practitioners together.

    Not much help but some rambles.


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