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Thread: Posible to have perfect eye sight "healing"?

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    Posible to have perfect eye sight "healing"?

    I have had kinda bad eyes sinse i was a kid, and though this may seem simply selfish to me, i desire to have perfect eye sight, i am 21 years old and cannot recall seeing the stars clearly sinse i was a kid. i am an empath and because of this im rather emotional. so think of this as a childs wish i guess..

    ive heard of reiki and a few other ways of healing, ive tried these things on myself but all ive managed to do is remove basic body pains. which is fine really, helps me to know taht i can heal the pains of another person, but for more of a physical deal, i have yet to see these things take place. i have seen ppl be physicaly healed and so i believe its posible. if anyone has a story to help me confirm that, id be glad to hear it,

    i request 2 things, info about this kind of thing, or healing from somone..
    i lack faith because i am stil lseeking with my eyes, and not my heart.. so when i try and heal my own eyes i doubt do to the fact taht i didnt see any change.. but the healing energy of anotehr person would be difrent im sure. so yes. anyhelp or info would be nice. thanks.

    -raiga AkA angelfallen

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    I saw an episode of "What's the Alternative?" on the Veria network that was about holistic eyesight improvement. Unfortunately I cant find a copy of the episode, but I did find this.

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    I have terrible eyesight as well. I've tried Reiki healing upon them but the thing with Reiki is that it flows to where it is most needed (directed by the higher self) and that may not be your eyesight (it certainly hasn't healed mine lol)



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