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Thread: What is Hermeticism exactly!?

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    What is Hermeticism exactly!?

    Hello everyone, I am kind of stuck upon studying even the first pages of a book about the Hermetic Tradition.

    It talks about it's origins, and what it encompasses really, but I found it rather hard to understand, because of a small language barrier, and just the overal complicity, even though it shouldn't be all that hard.

    What I do know is it's origins are from the egyptian and helenistic traditions, and several other things like Neo-platonism. It's based around a God with the name Hermes Trismegistus, and has philosophical, and technical side.

    But beyond that I could not grasp anything else, and do not know what they exactly mean by the philosophical side, yet I know what they mean by philosophical.

    So help me out a bit, by helping me grasping the overal basis, of this tradition and what it truely encompasses as a whole!

    Thanks for reading :D
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    I'm going to watch this thread as I've always wondered the same thing!
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    Have you read the corpus hermetica? That would be the place to start and also there were a couple texts discovered in the nag hammadi find. You can find it online with a quick search. Those are the sources that will explain the philosophy to you and you will notice its very devotional. There is also the entire alchemical tradition which is the core of the hermetic praxis and has its own expansive philosophy and symbology. I wouldnt know how to give a simple explanation of Hermetism though sorry. Four elements, Nine spheres, a thrice great guy named Hermes and a search for gnosis. Ok maybe I would . You can find the Kybalion for free online as theres no copyright anymore but its really a product of the New Thought movement, still an interesting read though and may help you a bit. Out of curiosity what book are you reading? Also since your in the netherlands you may want to take a look at the J.R. Ritman library if you have means of getting there. Always wanted to check it out myself.
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