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Thread: LF Good Elemental Meditations

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    LF Good Elemental Meditations

    As the title says

    I'm looking for some good new meditation material. Any and all would be appreciated. :D
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    Im bumping this in hopes that more people can see it and offer some advice, because Id like it too!!


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    I was talking a little about this in a different thread. I start by casting a magick circle. I always use a higher self meditation to start out. I focus on my breathing, clear my chakras, then imagine myself going up a spiral staircase that leads me to my sanctuary. In my sanctuary my higher self is waiting for me. Your higher self is the highest vibration of yourself, your true self. The vision of my higher self changes and so does my sanctuary depending on what I need in that moment, but some people's higher self vision stays the same.

    Then once I am there I can ask my higher self anything, ... who are my guides? What should i do about my romantic relationships? How can I better cast a circle? Can you show me my guides? Can you help me connect with a specific God or Goddess? etc...

    You were asking about elemental meditations I might ask to be taken through the elements ... Like a vision and experience of connecting to a river, then the river runs through a canyon taking bits of dirt from the canyon which is lead to the ocean and the bits of dirt turn into sand and the sand is moved by the waves, then I'm in the waves in the water letting the current take me. Then I feel the sun on the water evaporating the water and I'm lead up to the clouds to feel the difference and movements in the clouds then it might turn to night where I can see the moon then I'm one with the moon and just go with it .... I love morphing meditations that have a good flow<3

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