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Thread: Symbols in the Occult and Ceremonial Magic

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    Symbols in the Occult and Ceremonial Magic

    I've been trying to find a good article, book, or website on different occult symbols, but so far, I am bombarded with conspiricy and propoganda websites telling me Gucci is of the devil (well, there prices certainly are, but anyway).

    Can you recommend any? For instance, I know of the Tetragrammaton, the Rosy Cross, etc. Are there any others used in the occult?

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    Amongst the Northern Tradition, we have a number of symbols. Some are specifically religious in their meaning like the use of mjollnir, others come from a 17th Century Icelandic manuscript called the Galdrabok, this is essentially a grimoire. There's a translated version of this by Stephen Flowers, he also prefaces the translation with alot of information on the culture the symbols arise from.

    In the Galdrabok are symbols like the vegvisir.

    I'd not call these symbols used in ceremonial magic per se, but they are occult symbols with magical meanings, though they are pretty specific to the Northern Tradition.
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    A lot of symbols that you come across in neo-paganism are used in the occult. Pentagrams, Astrological glyphs, the Unicursal Hexagram is another.

    Many magickal orders were formed by Freemasons, so a lot of the ritual symbolism is there, black and white checkers, pillars, a Geometry emphasis, Lamens. Much of the Western Esoteric is influenced by the Qabalah, Astrology, and Tarot, so any of the Roman numerals, glyphs, also consisting of the Hebrew and Greek alphabet are name a few
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    I've done some extensive research on occult symbols and still have yet to find one book that brings them all together for me. There are a few different sites that will give you some basics and you can go from there..

    Sacred Geometry.. Once you get the basics of this you can use it in an infinite number of ways for creating your own symbols.

    Another site for geometry but more focused on the Golden Ratio. Same thing applies here, the basics can be applied to anything. P.S. This site is huge! >.>

    Alchemical Symbols... There are a ton of these, most of them you're probably already familiar with.

    General Occult Symbolism... This site has some good ones, just ignore the 2-3 that reference the government lol.

    Sigils.. Basic info on what they are and how to create them.

    Planetary Seals.. Not much info, just the seals.

    General Wiccan/Witchy Symbols.. Oddly enough, the biggest list of symbols I ever found in one book was from Scott Cunningham's Living Wicca. Anyway, I put them in my photobucket for you to look at if you want, there's like 24 pages of them!

    I'm sorry I couldn't find a book for you, hopefully this helps a little.

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    Also, the Tattwas are symbols for the elements (and aspects of the elements) used for meditation.

    In French, but Google Translate is friendly.

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