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    My name is Shadowdragon. I am an ecclectic pagan that has been practicing both solo and coven work for the past 20 years. I pull from many differant aspects and paths of the Craft and thus have a broad spectrum of influences that can be sampled and experimented with. I find this allows the new student to feel the energies of alot of differant pathways and thus go with what calls them.. I work with a lot of specialties as Well , such as herbcraft, crystal work,, spell weaving(Merging disparate energies into unified workings) protection and astral work and spellcrafting(Creating magikal tools and artifacts.)

    I am freely available most nights and can also teach in person. I throughly enjoy helping to awake fledgling awareness in a way that allows them to follow their own path..

    feel free to contact me via email or phone.

    My number is 404-617-4672

    Yours with Brightests Blessings,
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