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Thread: is it possible to lose reiki ability?

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    is it possible to lose reiki ability?

    i got distantly attuned(from the reiki master using my picture) to master level 5 years ago. and ive not used it at all for the past 3 years.
    Does distance attunement even work? especially with just a name and a picture

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    Once acquired, reiki attunement is permanent, but like any skill it will atrophy with disuse. As for distance attunement, assuming the "master" is qualified to bestow it, there's no problem. Distance work is generally learned at a lower level than attunement of others, so anyone of sufficient level to grant an attunement has already learned how to manipulate the ki remotely.

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    Maybe you could collect a few blocks to the energy over the years that would dampen the flow, but once it is on, it is on. I've had both in person and distance attunements and both do work, its just a question of finding a person remotely who actually does the attunement and not just takes your money. You'll feel it if it works.

    Doing Reiki on yourself might help too

    I read somewhere that you can also attune yourself just by asking "Spirit" or your higher self to attune you to level ___ of course that doesn't come with a certificate but fun to try
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    I would make sure I knew the Reiki Master that attuned me distantly. I would trust MY Reiki Master to do so, but if I hadn't done 1 and 2 with her, I wouldn't. I'd always be doubting, unless I REALLY felt it, like I did with my 1 and 2. If it's a Reiki Master who you know is legit and has a good reputation, then don't fret. My understanding is that it doesn't go away, but you can always go for a re-sit with a local Reiki Master.
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