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Thread: Grandpa's Back...

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    Question Grandpa's Back...

    Every once in a while, I get these experiences with phantom smells.
    Like the pipe my maternal grandpa used to smoke when he was alive. He died yeeeaaaars ago, but it seems he's still watching over my mom. And us... meaning me and my dad as well.
    Usually, the pipe smoke smell is located in the hallway near the bathroom. I usually smell it in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep but me.
    I asked my mom to tell him to stop smoking, but she just got scared and told me not to talk about it.
    She gets scared easily by talk about ghosts and spirits around nighttime, or even daytime... I don't know what I can do to reassure her that the spirits in our house are not bad and don't really do anything but hang around, exasperated that no one will talk to them. No one but me.

    Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to handle this, getting my mom to stop being so afraid of ghost talk, then please answer.
    Also, raise your hand if any of you experience phantom smells that remind you of someone or something...


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    Your mom doesn't have to tell can certainly say that the smoke is bothering you, and that you realize that it's him, but could he please choose to let you know that he is around in other ways?

    The other thought is that these residual smells can sometimes just be coming from the walls. They absorb the smell, and during certain weather conditions that smell will come back out and become more...pungent.

    Of course, this would only apply if your grandfather actually visited the house frequently (or stayed there) and smoked a pipe.
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    I've had the same experiences with my grandfather too. (:
    Myself and my mom often catch ourselves smelling the aftershave he used to use and the cologne he used to wear.
    I don't experience the smells as often as my mom does, but one time I looked over at my old house, and saw an old man standing by a rocking chair. I remember exactly what I saw still to this day. And when I described it to my mom, she started tearing up and said, "You saw papa." c:

    Your mom doesn't have to tell him to stop, like the person above me said. (:
    But having her get used to the paranormal can be a good thing.
    Sometimes just having small conversations about it often can get people warmed up to it. Eventually, small conversations that are frequent can develop into in-depth conversations. :3

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    The smoke smell may just be a residual aspect of his presence. It may be that it's uncontrollable or unnoticed on his part. Or it could be that he smoked a lot in your house. You know how when you've been around a smell and after awhile you can't smell it anymore because you've become used to it, then suddenly you smell it again. Or it can be that the brain has triggered something within and now you're smelling that memory (with no ghost).

    My nan died 3 years ago this May and I've smelt the distinct aroma of her kitchen (where she spent all her time) numerous times. I know this is her for a number of other reasons but focusing on the smell, I know it's not coming directly from my house because I've lived in 4 different houses in 3 different cities since her death.

    Have you smelt it elsewhere or only in one particular place?

    For your mum - It's not nice to push people towards things that frighten them. They usually close themselves right up. If she wants to talk to him then it's really up to her. You can't make someone not be afraid of something.

    But I agree with what iiRawrDinosaurii said in that small conversations can be a good way of opening her up to the 'paranormal'. But I'd suggest that if it freaks her out too much then stop, and maybe wait until she brings it up herself. I've realised that while experiences and belief in the 'paranormal' comes easy for me it's not so easy for everyone.

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    I've had a similar experience when I could smell the scent of my dad's medicine drinks. He had to take them as an energy booster when he was ill, and they had a distinctive fruit-like medicine smell. A few months after he died I could smell that when I was at home one afternoon. Strangely, my dad never visited the place as I just moved in (weeks later).

    As for your mum, she probably doesn't want to know about it so she's reacting this way. You can smell your grandad's pipe smoke and so maybe it's up to you not her to speak to him.
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