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Thread: Opening Chakras

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    Opening Chakras

    I've recently begun in-depth study of the chakras and kundalini, and I wanted to ask about various ways people use to open their chakras.

    Specifically, what are your opinions on unbalanced chakras? Can a chakra be under-active? I ask, because lately I've been having problems with emotionality, lack of sex drive, weird food habits (I'm generally pretty good about keeping healthy) and menstrual problems.

    So I guess I'm primarily interested in the Sacral Chakra, and any meditations/yoga poses that could help balance me out, but information on all seven would be great too!

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    Natural Healing Wisdom and Know How compiled by Amy Rost.

    My mother found this book on Ebay or Amazon one and baught it for me. This book is huge and everything from herbalism to yoga in it. It has an 50 plus page section on chakras and energy healing. it has helped me tremendously in realigning and opening my chakras. The book is amazing. It tells you gemstone correspondences for your chakras methods for healing with with color and sound. the book is amazing.

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    I haven't studied chakras in-depth, but there's a book called The Magic of New Ishtar Power that I liked, that presented the opening of chakras as a way to resolve lots of common, often long-lasting problems. It recommended either using prayer and a certain magical seal to open chakras, or else to use colors or certain stones to open them (for badly blocked chakras where it would be difficult for most people to pray long enough in a go to unblock.)
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    The Famous Mother Bombie's Book of Witchcraft and Cunning Magick for Fortune Telling, Herb Magick, Divination, Charms, Potions and Old-Time Spellcraft.



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