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Thread: Meditating to find patron?

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    Meditating to find patron?

    I heard a suggestion to meditate to find your patron god/dess. I was wondering how to do this?
    I apologize if this is either in the wrong section or if it's a silly question.
    Thanks & Blessings.

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    Meditation is a great way to combine introspection and spirituality. I, being shaman, found my totem animal through meditation. try it and good luck!
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    When I begun I tried to "contact" something out there, Its a great way for paths like those here on MW.
    I meet a dark redbrown Siberian tiger with red lynx ears, he had a also a cape. He gave me some advice, but found no patron directly

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    Meditation is a great way to find a patron, but you might not find exactly what you're looking for.

    During a meditation to meet a patron god, I met someone that can only be described as Merlin. On a second try I met The Green Man, who I never wound up working with anyway. During a meditation to meet my spirit guide, I met a tiny blue water-dragon, who, in later meetings, turned out not to be the opposite sex as I was told, but female. Definitely female. She grew too. Now she's about the size of a large house. After a meditation that wasn't meant for anything in particular, I met a woman I've since decided is almost probably Morgan Le Fey.

    It took me awhile to realize I don't work well with deities. I'm not about to worship anyone. Those beings I've met don't seem much interested in my worship either, which makes everything fair enough I suppose. Technically I worship Eris, but she's a Crazy Woman and if I actually built an altar to her she'd probably blow it over and then set fire to it. Instead, the closest I get to worship as far as She goes is kitesurfing. Eris, for me, is almost always present in the wind. Harnessing that wind and streaming through the ocean, allowing the kite to lift me and sometimes drag me under the water and, on occasion, along the beach, is just about the closest to Eris I find I can get. With her, meditation didn't lead to a meeting at all.

    Morgan Le Fey and the Dragon, on the other hand, have been something far different to gods to me. I could choose to worship them, (and, as in the case of Morgan Le Fey, have tried, as some do believe she's based on an ancient Celtic sea goddess) but now I see them as another being that Pagans seem often to disregard: the mentor from the [spirit realm/your own subconscious] (select the one that best suits you). I'm reading a book where the author theorizes there are mentors from the spiritual realms, even claiming Merlin can be called to teach you and historically has done just that. He even theorizes Morgan Le Fey is exactly the same, passing on Witchcraft knowledge to her students as Merlin passes on ceremonial magick teachings. Whether it's a legit theory or bollocks, all my experiences with Morgan Le Fey have been amazing to the point where I don't care about authenticity and historical accuracy anymore.

    I'm off topic though. As far as meditations go:

    I would suggest you learn a good pre-meditation first. A grounding and cleansing meditation that you can practice until you can perform it to a point where you reach a "higher state" as it were. I always started my meditations with a light-flow meditation that would take me away from the mundane and into the right place to be. After that I would try other meditations. In the case of the dragon and the god, I followed a guided meditation. With both, it generally was a case of visualizing yourself in a natural setting, following a bath, coming to a patch in a forest and meeting the one you were looking for. Merlin showed up in a Castle basement that had been converted to a library and workshop. God knows how I wound up there when I was supposed to be in nature. The Green Man showed up on a tree in the middle of a grove. (I didn't know who it was before I did the meditation - took a lot of research to figure it had to be that man.) The Dragon appeared by a stream. It was tiny, but it's existence confused me. I was expecting a cat and, as dragons went, a tiny blue Chinese-looking dragon was the last thing I expected when my idea of a dragon is a great big red flapping thing that blows fire.

    I never saw Merlin or the Green Man again, but, to be fair, I didn't bother trying to communicate with them again. I did see the Dragon, the last time very recently and the first time I had seen it in years, but not in a meditation - in an extremely vivid dream. The sort that feels far more real than reality.

    Morgan Le Fey showed up when I was least expecting it. I had followed a silly little meditation from a silly little book. Somewhere along the line the silly little meditation became the most powerful meditation I'd ever experienced. I could feel, taste, sense and smell everything. When it faded, I found myself on a silver beach - and that story takes far too long to explain further.

    My suggestion? Google some meditations on how to meet your patron. Practice a normal, grounding meditation to start with and, when you are in a good setting, perform that and follow it with the patron meditation. (You can record the meditation and listen to it, or you can memorize it. Your choice.) If you don't meet anyone, keep trying. If you do meet someone, notice as much as you can about them, then go back to the internet with their key features and see if you can find out who they are. Just don't expect them to be a recognized and popular god or goddess. You'd be amazed at who can turn up.

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