Blessings everyone.

I am unsure as to where to start, as the story itself is quite long and goes back to about 10 years ago.

While with my ex-husband, he had/has a very strong psi-vampire, vampire like tendencies, and many of his 'guides' were as such as well. Unfortunately, one of his 'guides' either turned a 180, or someone, or something else was attached to him/her.

It's super hard for me to explain, especially if you weren't there to experience it. In short, problems began to arise, and this energy form was very much like an Incubus. But worse.

I say Incubus, because for whatever reasons it was focused on me. Spiritually, and psychically, I was protected as well as I could be. The energy form didn't necessarily disappear, but became rather inactive. Once in a while I always felt like 'he' was watching.

It's been about 4 or 5 years since there was any sign of him around.
Until this morning.

Rewinding a bit, yesterday evening, we went and laid down for a nap. We both felt, sensed what have you, a very sexual energy. But, we both were very tired and went to sleep. We were save, we were in my bubble.

This morning, when she had gone to bed, about 45 minutes later she came out, short of breath, and in tears. She described to me, what seemed like a dream, but she new she wasn't. She was very lucid, and had no control of it. She took me through various parts of this, and I began to realize, this wasn't a dream of any sort. It was like she was taken to a different plane. I began to become suspicious. When she mentioned that she felt this energy trying to have sex with her in a dog-like form, she screamed out for me.

When I went to my room, I couldn't even enter it initally. His presence was strong, and I knew he was back. He never really liked me, and he disappeared, not quickly, he did take his time. But within a few minutes of me blessing some incense and walking around my room, and the rest of the apartment, he was gone. He never really liked me.

I don't know what the best way to protect my room is, and most importantly, what we can do to help protect my roommate. Both Spiritually and psychically. Make it harder for him to breech her defenses.

She is super scared, and I just want t help her the best I can.
I don't know why he's showed up after all this time.

I know this sounds really confusing, but I am running on little sleep myself, and it is really hard to explain everything.

Many Blessings