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Thread: I need an opinion

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    I need an opinion

    My mother calls me and is asking for my help with something. She believes that something is causing misfortune in her life. She and her fiance' are both having bouts of bad health and both are suffering from fractures bones currently. She has had objects go missing and her dogs are both having health problems granted one of them is old so this is probably nothing. She has had a cat go missing, and reports smelling smoke at night. She states that they have both seen an apparition of a lady with a white tip and black skirt but no legs.

    She states that her and her fiance' have both had dreams about being chased by dogs and she describes them as large almost like Elk Hound and they have Glowing eyes. I have not personally gone to investigate anything yet, but I wanted to see what sort of theories yall might have, is she imagining this or could it be something. I am leaning toward a Barghest if it is anything.

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    since you asked for opinions, my opinion is this is a random series of unfortunate events that has lead to superstition. It is likely she is noticing misplaced items more and their health is due to a weakened immune system due to stress and she is trying to explain it, causing her to believe it could be something supernatural...this would explain not only noticing misplaced things more and the stress causing poor health and bad dreams...the broken bones will also weaken the immune system as the body is working to repair the damage.

    All pretty easily explained using clear logic and Occam's Razor.
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    It could be something. I remember when my mom was ask to cleanse a spirit out of a friends house that it felt like the entire universe was out to get us as I drove her over there. I say a good cleansing wouldn't hurt.
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