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Thread: Meditation - How to start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by October View Post
    I have a terrible time focusing on flame. I can do it, but it's difficult. I wonder if you're a fire witch.
    hmmm it's very possible, I do enjoy meditating with flame and do it often, I also often use flame for scrying and seem to get better results that way.

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    As others as said, focusing on a flame is a great way to get practice. But you can also choose any element, either imagine it or find a physical representation of it.

    Water: If it's raining, sit by a window or door and listen. Use one of those little surface fountains. Get a bowl and some oil or food coloring and swirl it, focusing on the patterns.
    Earth: Sit by a tree and focus on small areas of it, whichever feels right to you: The leaves. The roots. The Branches, the bark. Sit on the ground, hands on the dirt, grass, etc and really feel it, without moving. Hold a rock and focus on it, the texture, size, coolness (or heat). The colors.
    Wind: Sit outside and feel it. Listen to it when it whips and plays around you.

    I like to do a simple breathing meditation (I have trouble with insomnia and trouble breathing) where I "colorize" my breath: blue for breathing in calm and health, red for expelling anxiety and disorder. I breathe in, see it go down to my lungs and the red energy is replaced by the blue. AFter about 5 minutes, I'm able to breathe and relax easier.

    the whole 5 minutes thing has been mentioned, so just to expand on that a bit: Whenever you feel the need to sigh, pop or roll your neck/shoulders, take that opportunity (If you can, not while driving etc lol) to straighten your shoulders, breathe deeply for a moment, and just observe the world around you without sight.
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