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Thread: Seeing Sparks?

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    For the longest time, when I was younger, I convinced myself that the sparks were something ethereal. Until I noticed that they weren't blurry when I took off my glasses. D'oh.

    However, I am very much the skeptic, and seek scientific answers for things before jumping to metaphysical conclusions.

    If someone's seeing an ORB.... well.... that's definitely not something the eye can just create. (Unless there's something wrong...)

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    Got a feeling what you've got there may be fae related. I have the same thing happen, to a much less frequency than your own. And I know I don't have any problems with my eyes at all. One day my son was staring to his left and as I turned to see what he was looking at, I glimpsed a white spark. Usually what I see is blue, white, silver, gold, and purple/iridescent.

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