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Thread: Your Community Experiences?

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    mine have been pretty much exactly like Serpents.

    Especially when it comes to "College Campus Wiccans" (where what I thought of them as) (nothing personal to anyone here) But, and it was usually a gaggle of girls, were all into anime, vampires, casting "spells," bisexual, and arrogant as hell. And I would say 99% of them by the time they graduated had become right wing, straight laced Christians (again nothing against anyone here). It was a phase rather then a true faith for them.

    Most non pagans that I have talked to tend to think all pagans are like these college campus wiccans and therefore expect me to "grow out of it" (even though I've never been wiccan to belong to that group anyway) or that paganism isn't a real philosophy. Just something girls experiment with. I think it undermines the acceptance of paganism as a whole.

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    My experience has been totally different than what is described here. A few differences seem apparent

    #1 I live in BFE maybe the world of WOW passed us by

    #2 I am older and the groups in which I attended were made up of middle age people, wearing cloths most middle age Americana do , with middle age jobs and middle age lives who happen to be pagan - There were some youngerster college age types at larger festivals and stuff but they were not leading the group -

    #3 I hold no expectations or preconceived notions of how other people should be - so it could be that the groups I attend are not much different perhaps it is my perception. I can change the world in a single thought and do so at will - because umm I can????

    There are those who use their paganism to be sexually "free" - I don't care as long as no one is trying to push me into some thing I do not want they are free to be who or what they want to be.

    Some are only out to party - this is also true I like to party but I like to learn and am able to balance enough to get both serious working and /or stimulating discussions and get a bit of partying in also - no law saying I can't do both.

    I can honestly say I have done and seen some cool stuff at festivals and drum circles. I have seen Oracles walking between the worlds - I met a shaman who was an initiated in a far of land and damn if I can not remember the name of the order - I always go to his classes at festivals every time I get a chance - last time he was worried about me because I appear not to ground - I do when the time comes but the energy build up can be seen/felt by other shamans apparently - There is always a cool reason for it and I have learned after decades to trust in the spirits of the ancients that is whose energy it is They have never hurt me I just never had any one else see it before and actually say some thing.

    When it comes to gatherings I generally find that which I seek - I am never there just for me - I was taught that shaman are to serve their communities and well I if I actually make it some where then it is by sheer magic or divine intervention { I am really scattered} so far the spirits have not lead me astray - I have been lucky I guess or maybe I am just blind and simply live in a world of my own making which is cool - it sounds like a better place to be than what I am reading here.
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    I've only had one experience. I took some free classes in New York before I moved to Oregon at a Botanica in the Bronx. The teacher had been in his path for much longer than I have been alive and I found him very knowledgeable. My fellow classmates were also nice. Unfortunately I moved and couldn't continue with it. So, my experience was pretty postive. I just haven't had time to bother trying to find the same here as I have barely any time and have been content being a solitary practitioner.
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    the first time I went to a Pagan Lamas festival it was ok

    they had a tent with altars inside, each one decorated for each holiday, they were beautiful.

    The second time I went was horrible, I had my dog with me, on a leash, and I saw other dogs at the park BUT this guy came marching across the park, came straight to me and said I needed to leave immediately. I haven't gone back and don't really want to, either.
    And yes, the majority of women there looked like they shopped exclusively from Pyramid catalog and it had the same vendors as the earlier event. I want more than that. More than just the surface.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Blue View Post
    What have your experiences with Pagan communities been like? Good, bad, ugly? I'm looking to hear what you've been through, in terms of both participating and in leading Pagan groups.
    My experiences have been mixed. On the one hand, I have come across some absolutely ridiculous people, like the kind whose regular style of dress resembles a Hallowe'en costume. I'm all for people expressing themselves and doing whatever floats their boat, but some people aren't all that genuine about paganism and just use it as an excuse to do something off-beat. I'm a rather reserved kind of person, so that can make things awkward when my personality clashes with more... obnoxious kind of people.

    That said, I have also met some extremely intelligent, well-spoken people. I usually find that people in a traditional Wiccan setting are pretty decent, genuine people, although more general pagan meet-ups can attract the kind of people who speak Elvish or the ones who like wearing fairy wings in their everyday lives. Not that it's bad to have interesting characters in the community. As long as they aren't obnoxious, I don't have a problem with anyone.

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    Me, I've had a great time in the Pagan community over the years.
    Personally, I don't care how people dress, so whether prep goofy or ren-faire goofy, I ignore that. I can't imagine what the value could be in determining who you hang with by whether they meet some definition of fashion...
    I've found Pagan gatherings open-hearted and pleasant, with a minmum of bs - zero bs isn't possble among humans, so I don't hold that against anyone.
    I participate in a local worship group with a 20 year history in the area, where the holidays are kept with focus and fellowship, every season like clockwork. I mean, if you're looking for innovation and experiment our gang isn't doing that this decade, yet, but, again, I don't expect any group to be everything I might want.
    I've met my lovers and friends (including my wife of 20 years) through the Pagan scene for most of my life, and it's been great.

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    My own experiences mirror Ian's. I have to say that Pagan gatherings and communities have some of the most open and warm hearted people I've ever met. I met my wife Deborah in an online Pagan community and have made some of my best friends that way too.

    Searles O'Dubhain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Blue View Post
    What have your experiences with Pagan communities been like? Good, bad, ugly? I'm looking to hear what you've been through, in terms of both participating and in leading Pagan groups.
    Both online and in person I have had mixed success in meeting with groups.
    More to do with differences in schedules and personalities than opinions on anything major.

    I'd love an open Heathen group locally... then I could explore that a little deeper.

    My biggest issue with the communities is finding them, it can be hard to organize a group like that in the first place.

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    Open Pagan gatherings, festivals, meetups, etc., tend to draw a larger percentage of kooks, but it is expected at the more public groups. You will find a lot of different people from a lot of different walks of life and the public events are geared to appeal to as many of them as possible.

    In spite of the kookiness, you will meet some of the warmest and most open hearted people on the planet. There are people there that will give you the shirt off their back even if they have just met you. Besides, some of the kooks are quite entertaining and there is seldom a dull moment amongst them.

    Through continued gatherings you will eventually meet people that are closer in temperament to yourself.
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    I am aware of how nasty I come across.
    If others have the right and freedom to be sweetness and light,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Blue View Post
    What have your experiences with Pagan communities been like? Good, bad, ugly? I'm looking to hear what you've been through, in terms of both participating and in leading Pagan groups.
    Ok, I'm a pretty average girl, 5 feet tall, a little fatter than I'ld like, long hair, largish boobs... I'm telling you this because EVERY coven I've ever thought about joining has ended with me saying/thinking...

    "Yeah, I don't mind getting my gear off, but that doesn't mean I'm sleeping with any of you..."

    Dianics, and straight Wiccans... frankly it's a bore and not what I'm looking for, if I wanted to get huged, i'ld go to a bar.

    the lastest iteration of the whole stupid experiance was som idiot telling me we aren't ALLOWED to judge... that's judgemental... and NO ONE should make judgements about right and wrong... meanwhile I was scraping this filthy lame old prick off me...

    "Excuse me, i DO make judgements. I went free range because I wanted to make them for myself without the help of a pope, priest, reverent or iman telling me what i should think about right and wrong."
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