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Thread: Your Community Experiences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umbress View Post
    The clothing thing reminds me of the first larger event I went to - a Beltane Festival I had to travel some distance to get from my house to the event much of it going through little red neck towns so I dress common casual not quiet job interview but definitely not Renaissance - Now I had been to local drum circles and I dress the way I like for me - I do clothing optional where clothing is an option - it is the one I opt for as per agreement with non-pagan hubby = at the local drum circle my clothing option and choices were never mentioned

    Any way I drive up in my SUV to the private gathering in the middle of BFE wearing redneck causal with membership card in hand - NOT what they expected but that happens to be my specialty I am never what any one expects -

    I stop where the sign said to and I was met by the gate person wearing some thing between Renaissance and throw back hippy attire - It is obvious by her expression she assumes I am lost -

    I look at the printed page in my hand and said this is "XYZ" - Looking taken back the woman admit that I am indeed in the right place - She moves onto membership - I show her my card, my proof of payment for the event ask for the sign in sheet I was told I would need to fill out

    Raised eyebrows handing me the sheet to fillin and sign she asked "do you actually know any one out here " - Yeah "leader of drum circles name " said I could find her over at "said" camp ground - I think I know where it is she drew me a map.

    The poor lady walked up presuming I was some lost cow girl - turns out I knew the folks running the festival - as I drove off I reminded the lady with her jaw on the ground to never judge a book by it's cover - always best to read the content before assuming you know what is it all about"

    At Samhain the gate people remembered me - another frequent occurrence - not to sure why I am so memorable but I tend to be

    I get used to it - I try to use it as a positive learning situation for them and an acceptance reminder for me - I try not to judge people even when they are judging me - it can be hard. I dress the way I want and if some one does not like it that is their problem - Smaller local groups seem open to getting to know me larger gathering well I end up being known one way or another.
    lol XD it does get turned around doesn't it.

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    Agreed and it is hard as hell to not judge while I am being judged but I have found that in my life that if I hate - I invariably become that which I hate - I think it has to do with the mental devotion required to hold on a hate - To hate being judged lends me to being judgmental - The same can happen with knowledge acquisition as I learned last night during a discussion with knowledge discernment can easily turn into prejudice when arrogance is added - One or two of those ironies life has been kind enough to teach me so I do all that I can to be understanding by choosing my own perceptions consciously and willingly. I can choose how to perceive my reality just as I can determine how I see others without allowing my personal boundaries to be violated.

    When some one assigns me a role before even knowing my name what I am experiencing is not an expression of my diversity but of other person's predetermined notion of what they expect me to be ,which by the way has nothing what so ever to do with me -and every thing to do with them - How I react is me so I react in a manner in which I desire to see myself - and this has served me in situations where even my common sense is nullified.
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    about the style of clothing

    for me it is a social marker, like back in grade-school. It seemed to indicate what to wear in order to be acceptable; if that is considered judgemental & shallow, than so be it, but I definately felt it was a sort of uniform. I haven't been back, I did hear there was a major rift in the group. I'm considering joining a tarot group, I hope it's no uniforms required.

    The feeling of community is the only thing I miss about Christianity. I wish there was a group closer to me.
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    Oh, the experiences have been fine, as long as you believe what they believe or accept it without question. The moment one questions and probes a bit, the experience usually becomes rotten quite quickly. Eyebrows become furrowed, mouths assume an expression akin to just having eaten something sour and noses scrunches up. It's quite similar to the look of a pastor when one discusses tarot cards with them. *shrugs*
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    So...I've happened upon a small network of long-practising pagans who all live with driving distance of me. It took me by surprise since two of them I'd known for months and regularly visited. For better or worse I guess I'm going to get acquainted with their circle.

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    I've had fairly mixed experiences. Online, I've come across a whole myriad of people. Offline, it's mostly been crazies, but I haven't quite gotten to the point I want to quit looking for people for a bit of camaraderie in real life. I have great friends, don't get me wrong, but sometimes I'd like a little witchy hang out time. It'd be nice to find an eclectic group to occasionally practice with (though I'm not a Wiccan).
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    My community experiences, IRL, as a whole have been pretty positive. I've made some good friends, had some great times, and learned more about human nature along the way. In a way, I miss that. I've taken on more responsibility at work, have my own business, and am constantly doing things for my non-pagan community such that the religious aspects tend to get pushed aside.

    Have I met a few "weirdos?" Oh definitely. I've met people that think they're vampires, half-elves, tieflings, and werecheetahs. I just raise my eyebrow and keep it moving. For everyone person who claims they have fantastical powers, I've met twice as many down to earth, bare knuckled, hard workers just looking for a pint, a good conversation, and people they can discuss faith with without them feeling like they're in auditions for Lord of the Rings.

    I definitely look forward to getting involved in my local pagan community again. I wouldn't tell anyone to shy away from it, just use your better judgment.

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    Haven't had a chance. I don't really relate to your average joe pagan, and since I am a Hindu...I'm just afraid I'll run into the weird, "Durrrrr, you work with Kali, she's a bloodthirsty vampire man hater lol" type. No, not all are like that, I know. But many are, sadly.

    I would love to visit a Hindu temple. The closest one is a Krishna temple. I love Krishna :D
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    Depends on where you are speaking of. In my home town, we had one evil, vile lady who would try to ban you for being Left handed, as I was at the time. She also would panic if you reminded her that Elvish was invented by Tolkien and not a historical language. She wore hubcap sized pentacles.

    In my new city, things are not so awesome either. Some of the pagans here are amazing, others judge you based on what authors you read. Everyone here is in love with Penczak, I am not. I believe in researching before asking anyone anything. I am still pagan but I no longer associate with those people. Sad really.

    Over all, I find that the groups both back home and here were not very welcoming at all. I find it is easier for me to research and practice on my own. If I want to be judged, I'll go see my parents.

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    I am somewhat of a newbie to the real world pagan scene. So far it has been positive.
    I was expecting a room full of fluffy crazies but everybody I have spoken to so far are accepting, rational and friendly.
    I don't have much in common with many of them when it comes to practice, but it makes for an interesting knowledge swap.
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