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Thread: feeling "evil" from someone

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    I'm going to agree with the intuitive ideal and I am going to give you the same advice a very loved friend of mine had given me just last summer:

    "Trust your instincts- they're always right. " and mainly because I sense an agenda- a bit of judgmentalism and a bit of a "Holier than thou " sense coming from the person you described and from my observance of " Holier than thou " types- such an attitude usually is motivated by some sort of negativity as well as a slightly evil ambition.

    More often than not- I'm pretty good at reading people when I'm face to face with them and I would on an average- be able to tell whether or not they're worth any would be efforts- but the sense that I get from a distance on this case- comes about as close to face to face as it would were I actually facing said person. Not a very pleasant demeanor.

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    I would definitely say to figure out why you are terrified of this person. If you have to ask if you're freaking out over nothing, you may want to look inward as well. Always trust your intuition though. Don't be alone in the same room with him and be aware of what's going on around you at work when he's there, but you should be aware of your environment at all times anyway.

    Above all, be safe. If you have to change shifts for your well-being/safety, do it. There's nothing wrong with that.
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    I agree with trust your instincts. I've met people over the past few months that have given me a feeling of "stay away". I have a friend who is absolutely oblivious to this. I'm a protective person too. Needless to say, later on he did somethings that were more than questionable. Thankfully she stays away from him now. Be wary and careful mentally but try to relax physically if you can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ĉon Flux View Post
    Not to put a damper on the whole "get out your bear spray and be prepared" thing, but have you ever considered the fact that there might be something in his behaviour that reminds you of the teacher that tried to rape you?
    When one has had an experience with a person in a role of trust and leadership it becomes quite easy for the brain to put out these signals whenever something triggers memories of previous fears. As an example: "This person moves their hands in the same way, last person that did this tried to harm me, which must mean this person will to".
    You might not even know your brain is making these connections.

    Especially seeing as how you're talking about the woman that follows him around, she probably treats him as a male authority figure. Which might be enough for you to make a subconscious connection.
    This is probably the case. However, you shouldn't ignore your feelings. In my experience, individuals who remind me of abusive people from my past usually turn out to be abusers. Sadly, they behave in a lot of similar ways, from the way they talk to how they smile. I'd stay away from anyone who gives you a bad feeling. It has never worked out well for me when I rationalized my instinctive feelings, impressions, or senses away.
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