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Thread: A letter from mol on 10 years of MW

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    Hey, I've been a member since 2001, and I remember much of what you are saying. I was immensely pleased to find the site in the first place, and to watch all of the members exploring, arguing, joking, telling tales and learning much. The service this site provides to anyone who wants to find like-minded others cannot be underestimated. So, sometimes things go wrong. So what? Mysticwicks is a jewel of rare price. I'm a paid subscriber, and although I don't visit every day, I support this site, whether here online or in spirit. Thank you. Really.

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    Wow. I've been here for 7 years. I just ran across a 'Happy Birthday' email from July in a sorted folder (my mail sorts itself, I don't check all of the folders that often). Thank you, Mol. Thank you, GEBS (I remember your original profile, too!) This wasn't my first screen name, but someone messaged an Admin at the time, asking why she couldn't register under 'x' screen name. She said it was taken. But I gave it up for the other girl, and it seems from her profile she was a very loved member. I'm glad for her, and sad she hasn't been around since 2010. There was another screen name in between that one and this one, but I had forgotten it and created a new one. This equates to a very long time on Mystic Wicks!

    I am not sure where all of the bad-stuff for Mol was taking place, but I'm pretty sure it was right before I left for the longest period. (I remember the Tiger's Eye thread too, it was right when I was active! All of the threads I had posted in are gone now.) Life got in the way. I remember GEBS, too, who frowned at me a bit. That's okay, I was a young girl, and I was silly and immature, I tried to strut my stuff like a peacock to fit in. But this place allowed me to explore my spirituality, unhindered, and unhinged. Without judgment. With compassion. I am now a married woman, with kids, and secure in my spirituality. When I saw that email everything came back, it was a trip. I am sad to see how things have changed. The forum has ebbed, I do not see any other familiar faces. I see many banned faces that seem to raise some flags, but nothing definitive. It is a loss for me, in a weird way, not to see the same old avatars pushing each other around and laughing it up. I'm sad to see how the boards have changed, how dead it is.

    But thank you, because I'd be even more sad not to have the opportunity to visit the past, relive it...even for a moment, and strive to try and make this place as good as it was then.


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    Thank you

    Thank you GEBS and thank you Mol,

    I have been a member since 2004. My visits have been sporadic, for that I have always felt guilty, because I have loved this community from the start. When I have felt alone and isolaed these forums have at times been the place I have found solace among like minded people. And then there have been times where life has simply reared it's all too ugly head and kept me even from here. . Pressures of work, and of overwork, and all the little things that life demands of us simply left little time in the day to return.

    But I have always had the solace of knowing that MW *WAS* here, and hopefully would remain so.

    Times have changed, I no longer have a career that demands more of me than I can give, I am no longer in the relationship that I had lost myself in, I am once again free to rejoin this community on my own terms, and dive in as deep or as shallow as I please.

    Now that I have returned, I have decided to stay. As of now I am a paying member, and as my budget allows, I am declaring my intention to soon make that a Platinum membership. If I have a say in the matter MW will be here for another 10 years.

    Blessed Be and Thank you for what you have given us.
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    You know I am much appreciated of this and all the two of you have done. This site is responsible for the best days in my life as well as being indirectly responsible for the most painful as well. I have met the love of my life on MW, and though I lost her, it was MW that connected me to her in the first.

    I have learned much and met some great people and caused some glorious chaos. I have seen the community shift, I have seen families and I have seen cliques. I have seen care givers and bullies. It is a world of its own and I am always drawn back to her arms.

    I am sure those of you that actually know me know my penchant for joking around and tom foolery, but I have never misunderstood or under appreciated what this place is.

    So thank you both for your years.
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