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Thread: Cemeteries

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    It really depends for me. Some cemeteries I love to wander through, especially the old ones in St. Augustine when we go there for vacation. But then again there are several I refuse to even drive past. For the most part, though, they are nice to be in. Especially when you can find those random headstones with the nice poetry and whatnot.
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    I like cemeteries up North where there are headstones. The ones here are not very interesting.

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    And I'll find strength in pain
    And I will change my ways
    I'll know my name as it's called again
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    Theres a very pretty, peaceful and OLD one up by my home. Theres a well known ghostie walking around but Ive never caught a glimpse of her, however her headstone is the most beautiful Ive ever seen. I love it and its the one I always gravitate to first when Im there.

    A few years back, I had a microbiology class where the teacher took us to the graveyard to show us tombstones of people who had supposedly died of weird diseases. It was cool. :D

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    I love walking through cemeteries and graveyards, and one nearest to me is spooky, even in day. The church goes back to the 12th Century and the road is even older.

    I found out that the soil of cemeteries are quite fertile and magnificent trees grow there. They are peaceful places and they do have a very eerie beauty.

    The local site allows sheep to graze in the fenced off part with graves.
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    I love wandering through cemeteries! There's one near me that has a beautiful lake and wild kangaroos hanging out, I often take my baby for a walk and we feed the 'roos. Cemeteries are such peaceful, interesting places, I could go for ever reading the gravestone inscriptions, poetry etc.

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    I love cemeteries too! Peaceful and beautiful!

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    My late aunt used to say hello to the dead people when driving past cemeteries because "who else will?". I picked that up for her. But I don't actively enter them.

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    I do it all the time. (:
    I went with my friends once, and the neighbors called the police on use because they thought we were knocking over the headstones.
    We quickly explained to him that we would never do that. c:
    But to think that some teenagers go and knock them over? D;

    I love looking at the headstones and thinking, "I wonder if they ever went to a cemetery and thought the same thing that I'm thinking now." or I think, "What if, years from now, someone will look at my headstone and think about what my life could have been like?"
    They always get me thinking. (:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selah View Post
    Am I the only one here who likes to wander through cemetaries? (I feel weird admitting that lol). Sometimes I'll go and just look at the headstones and try to learn about who the person was in life, etc.

    The one by my house has such a peaceful atmosphere to it. Kind of like when the sun sets, or a story is finished; it's quiet and not spooky in the least, not for me.

    Anyhow...yeah. Tell me what you all think.
    Sounds like me. Strangely, my favorite cemetery has gotten a bit unfriendly lately -- maybe there was vandalism or something, but the last few times I've been there the caretaker's driven up to me and not-quite-said-to-go-away. I have relatives buried in the yard, though, so he can't really kick me out.

    I have a few favorite graves there. There's one that's all decorated with sparkly beads, like it's a drag-diva tombstone. Another is just a cheap circle of concrete with a name, a year of death, and the man's profession: STAGE DRIVER (makes me think he died away from his hometown.) Or the stone that just says Rodriguez at Rest.
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