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Thread: Eclectic Debate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tegh View Post
    Essentially, what I'm looking for here is your take on Eclectics. If you are one (such as myself) then why? If you're an adherent of an actually defined religious do you feel about Eclectic views in general?

    Then just debate the views. It's a debate, neither idea is right or wrong, since they are simply opinions. It will be fun just to see what comes up
    I think the concept of electicism (eclecticality? eclecticity?) is wonderful.

    One's spiritual path is such a personal thing; a one-size-fits-all approach, even to honor generations upon generations of tradition, strikes me as somehow inadequate. Maybe I'm simply reacting to my background of "my way or the highway" religion, having been raised Catholic and then switching over to fundamentalist Christianity, elements within both which will declare you "not really Catholic/Christian" if you deviate even a little from what is handed you from the pulpit.

    That being said, I am aware that there are those who object to eclectic paths because they feel it waters down the religions that are combined. For example, Christian Wiccans might get grief from just-Christians and just-Wiccans because they're blending the religions.

    Bearing all that in mind, my own solution (currently in progress as we speak) is to come up with a completely home-made path, right down to the terminology, names, and special days. I don't know how many others have resorted to this approach, or what one would call them (in my case, "eccentric" might be a good label :D) but I have enough happening in my life on the spiritual/inner level to supply me with all I need to establish my own "religion". I'm just taking all the things that I have experienced and working from there, rather than what I was doing previously which was trying to find which pre-packaged belief system most suited me; i.e., working from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in.


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    My beliefs really fall under the concepts of the other planes and the way energy works. I'm pretty sure Robert Bruce isn't a religion, just a really awesome author. So I have to call myself eclectic. As a term, I call myself a Green Witch & a bit of a Hedge Witch. I do have three Goddesses, but they come as a manifestation of energy. Still have unanswered questions and like to read here and there to see what makes sense and change the way I see my beliefs.

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    @Anaya: I know a lot of people that go the "my own religion" approach. I do so myself, but, for practical purposes, refer to myself as eclectic. Some may not go as far as inventing their own holidays and such, but many do have what they would consider their personal religion.

    I've found though, that even the most original ideas I come up with for practicing my faith...aren't all that original lol. That leads to some very interesting research into other religions though, and it still falls under my personal path due to how it integrates with the rest. I normally just say that my religion is a work in progress that will continue until my death, and who knows from there.

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