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Thread: Finally figured myself out, Finally ready for a mentor

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    Finally figured myself out, Finally ready for a mentor

    I've been wanting a mentor for awhile but wasn't able to settle on a path. After meditation i've found my niche.

    What path are you interested in? Egyptian

    How long have you been studying? aprox. 1 1/2 yr

    What areas of paganism have you already explored? Celtic wiccan, Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Native American

    What areas of paganism are you interested in? Divination

    Are you drawn to any specific deity? Anubis, Horus, Isis

    What time zone are you in? U.S. Eastern

    Preferred method of communication? PM until i know the person better

    How much time can you devote to learning? 2-12 hours daily

    What is your learning style? (Do you need visual, just text, a mixture of both?) both. Also, question and answer helps me a lot

    What is your age? 18

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    I'd like to help you, but you're probably more well versed in the Egyptian practices and pantheon than I am atm. :P You could always try asking some questions in here, as I know that we have some people who work with the Egyptian pantheon. Unfortunately, I think that the program has rather stagnated due to a lack of mentors.
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