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Thread: Choosing a craft name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrddyn Emrys View Post

    A completely serious pun intended guide to Craft names

    Enjoy it in the spirit it was written
    hahaha thanks for sharing this

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    My names have always come from my guides. I'll have a dream with the name in it, wake up and hastily scrawl it down, other times when searching not only for my names but character names, I'm apt to go through baby name books and try to feel it out or make up something that sounds cool. At this point I'm solitary, and my guides call me what they want to when I call upon them. I usually don't argue with their decisions.

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    This was a...well, this was an interesting topic to read through.

    My mother named me Chelsea at birth because she loved me, and she loved the name, and my middle name, Rae, was chosen from a movie because my mother thought that the character who bore the name was resourceful, beautiful, and clever. She chose those names for me because I am her daughter--and those two names hold more power through their use and their personal meaning than any title I could give myself. I like my name, and I like where it comes from. I don't really claim a craft name for this reason. I feel there is enough in the name I have right now.

    Granted, it may change and evolve over time. I may gain names, who knows? There is certainly one special name, one my mother was going to give me but didn't because my dad didn't want me to be named after a plant--Ivy. I guess if I were to have one, it'd be something to do with botany. I love flowers and gardens and dirt.

    But on the whole, I am just me, and I use the title I was given, because it was given in love. Sweeeet loooove... </dr. henry killinger>

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    mine is my username, basicly. I picked it from the list of roman names on roma nova's site. Iulia is the female form of Iulius (or Julius) chosen for Julian the Apostate, one of my heros. In Roman times, the middle name was the one most often used as a call name, so that's the one I feel most comfortable with.

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    My craft name was surprisingly simple for me to come up with. My favorite name has always been 'Ember'; it sounds very musical in my head and brings up mental images of purple and orange dancing flames, which fits me because I've always had a special attraction to fire. The second part, 'Dragonheart', came about after meditating one night on all the rough experiences of my life, and realizing that every time I've relied on my connection with dragons and their strength to pull me through. So, I decided on Ember Dragonheart - a name that speaks to me of hope, endurance, fiery strength and magic, and other qualities that fit me very well.
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    I don't have one, because I personally don't see the need for one. I do think my username is pretty cool though.

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    I use the rune Algir (Algiz) as my magical name. This rune has always just seemed to be a part of me. I always wanted a name based on the idea of protection. At first, I made my name Patronus (the latin word for protection), but that did not feel right, partly because my mind kept telling me I was jacking it from harry potter, and partly because it just felt awkward. When I came around to Algir in my studies, it fit.

    My real middle name is Alan, which contains the same first 2 letters as this rune. It simply fit. I plan on changing my middle name to Algir legally.

    Quick fun fact: Algir, as the rune of protection is based off of pointy things in nature, usually pointed plants, or the horns of animals. Ironically enough, the stag is what Harry Potter's patronus was, and it had the horns. Considering how patronus was my original name, I found this ironic.
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    My user name is my craft name. It roughly translates from the Gaelic as Torch of the Dragon or Dragon Fire. Torch in this context has the added meaning of wisdom.
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    My name was given to me by my goldfish. I don't know why, but they started calling me that one day. A great nickname is a gift given you by someone(s) who know and love you. As far as I know, the name doesn't mean anything to anyone except me and my goldfish.

    One cool thing about it is that I can use it as a screen name pretty much anywhere because no one seems to ever have heard it. No, it is not cheddarsox, though that's pretty cool too
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    RE: craft names

    I have used my middle name for a long time. I had always wanted to be called by it when I was younger, as it is very different, and uncommon, and my first name is very common. My first name is Katy. It is spelled a little differently, and I love that name, don't get me wrong, it really suits me perfectly; bright, bubbly... short... haha =) But my middle name is Czechoslovakian, and I LOOOOOVE it. I will not say it here, because it is private, and although I do not feel that giving my name to someone gives them power over me, I do feel it is special to me, and it was my great grandmother's name, so I will keep it to myself, so as to prevent it becoming more common. =D
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