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Thread: Choosing a craft name

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrddyn Emrys View Post

    A completely serious pun intended guide to Craft names

    Enjoy it in the spirit it was written
    Absolutely perfect. My favorite line was, "First of all, in an increasingly blase' and tolerant culture, it's becoming hard for white middle-class Americans to get that rush of self-righteous gratification that comes from pretending to be members of a persecuted minority; we may not be able to get burned at the stake by calling ourselves silly names, but at least we can get laughed at, and that's something."


    In any case, my first craft name came to me during my initiation ritual. I had a "flashback" to what I assume was a past life, in which someone called out to me by name. I still, in some ways, connect to it... but I think that, sometimes, craft names work like titles. They are appropriate for certain points of your life and perhaps inappropriate in others. At this point, I would probably just use my own legal name as a craft name. Or "Moon Leafstorm".
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    For me it was numerology. My number is 9, and I could not make up any name that was significant to me. I couldn't figure out why. So I was sitting up on my bunkbed, I had to share a room with my sister at the time and sort of stared at the paper. I then got a name, Eryes, adding up the number values of the letters I got 9. I pronounce Eryes like Aries. Now, years later, I have given up on using a craft name but used Eryes for most of my things online. Other forums at least. Now it sort of blown into Eryessa, I highly doubt it equals 9 but in some cases Eryes was already taken.
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    I'd given up on finding a true Craft name long before my initiation. I'd tried inventing a couple as a newbie, but they didn't stick (good thing, too!). The name I was using in the community, my real first name with a form of "daughter of", is also my pen name and my name in science fiction fandom; because of that it was missing a sense of sacredness, which I thought was vital in a name intended for use only with the Goddess and my coven sisters. I don't remember quite how it happened, but in the preparation stages before my initiation, I was looking at my paperback bookcase and the title of a fantasy novel--not even a favorite of mine, or one I'd bothered to read for several years--leapt out at me, and I felt that particular resonance with the word that told me I'd found my name. It sounds terribly superficial: She was looking at the bookcase and picked the title of some book at random! I have to say, though, that the book is itself deeply magical and poetic, and the "click" when I read the title was nearly physical--I'm sure plenty of you know just what I mean.

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    In one way, I invented my name - because I felt like being Antaios' sister: Incredibly dependent on Mother Earth. And loosing all my strength without being in touch with her. I normally write it the norwegian way, but I sometimes also use the greek form Antaia - spelled that way it is a name of Demeter. Today this name is similar for my pagan identity.
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    Your Craft name comes to you, not the other way around. Searching for it on sites adn through books seems contrived to me, as if by having one you can validate your path. For peopel new to the path and skimming these posts I would give the advice of not trying very hard. Use your given name as it was given to you out of love. When another name presents itself, and it will when the time is right, then you can claim it as your magical name. You want it to hold power and be a symbol for those traits you hold dear. When you say it out load or use it to identify yourself in ritual, the last thing you want it to do is nothing.

    When I began on this path, I was tempted to create a name. How was I to know that I should wait? I was just a young girl trying to find her way with no one to show me the way. So I did what any other girl would do..headed to the internet and did research. I found the craft name creator and then just laughed at what it came up with. I finally settled on PetalMoon because I loved butterflies and I was a moon sign. I also had a tattoo of a butterfly resting on a moon, so it was easy and made sense. But after a few years holding that name and not really using it, I just used my given name because I liked it and it held much more meaning for me than the one I created.

    About 4 years ago I was writing in my journal and without really thinking I signed the bottom of the page as I usually do but instead of my given name and the year, I wrote Gypsyblu. I went to the crone in my circle and asked what it could mean that I wrote this odd moniker. She explained that I should meditate on it, think about what the word meant to me and try to figure oue out why my brain choose those letters to write.

    After much reflection and re-reading the journal entry...which I do not normally do, I realized that the the story I was writing was about how often I moved around and that even though I had to re-make friends and re-establish myself in different communities, I still could feel at home in my space. So the word Gypsy made sense, as a way to describe someone that moves around alot and plugs into different communities. The word blu without the e...well i was not as sure about that part. My favorite color is blue. But after further research and just plain thinking.. I came up with the turn of phrase "out of the blue" and that is exactly how the name came to me.

    Using it in ritual for the first time was powerful, more so than any other name I had used and though I am very public about my name, it still holds power for me. The choice is always yours whether you tell someone your name or keep it private and quite often, witches have two magical names. One they use in public rituals and one they keep only to themselves. Again it is always up to you, you are your own authority.

    These days, as a recent solitare, I use Gypsyblu and I completely identify with it. I have moved again...across country so the name is still powerful. The thing to remember is that if you feel that your magical name is not holding the same power as it used...look at where your life is. You could have taken Elf Princess as your magical name when you were young and discovering your path and now at an older and wiser age you realize that it no longer fits. Then it is time to let go of that name and the imagery and memories it holds ( yes do the ritual and detach it properly), and open yourself up to a new name.

    Do not think that you must choose one for the rest of your life. Life changes. Our interests change and our paths change too. It is only natural that our magical names change with us.


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    The name bestowed upon me by the Gods and the Goddesses upon my initiation was, beginning with the divinely-gifted title -Jarl Gođi Grimnir Sigtyr Har Jafnhar Thridi Bolverkr Yggr Heimdallr Ullr Dellingr Forseti Yggdrasil Odinson.

    You can call me Siggy for short.

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    My spiritual name came from the video game series Myst, or more specifically from the fictional language of the D'ni, the race who appear in the game series. The word 'lenah' in D'ni (it's actually spelt 'lenah' but I chose to write it with an extra 'h' to people would be able to easily identify it's proper pronunciation; 'leh-n-ah') means 'journey.' Given that my path has been a great journey of self discovery, and Myst was a large part in starting my spiritual investigations, I felt it fitting.

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    I almost always go by Rusty my nickname from birth.

    However my Pagan name has changed a lot. Thialfi Volsung (four years), Invictus Animus (one year), Oberon Pendragon (four years), Auberon Draenen Wen (three years) and currently Gwydion Raventhorn (one month). I have one that is between me and the Kindreds but for all points and purposes I am Rusty or Russ. Once a name settles on me I might change my name legally to it but the rule for that is I have to use the name for five years.
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    For the longest time I didn't think I needed one. Well, no, before that when I was Wiccan I had two different ones. But recently I didn't have a desire for one or see the use in them. That changed just a short while ago. I still don't think you "need" one to practice but my practice and understanding of the use of the Craft name shifted and at the same time I was sort shown one in a sense. It just happened. Like "Oh, that's what Craft names are for in the context of my own practice!" and then there it was, staring me right in the face. I don't think it's complete. I have a feeling it will be added onto.

    My interpretation of the purpose of a Craft name is a name that comes to you (or, as some believe, is given to you by spirits, guides, gods, etc etc) that you use only in ritual or communication with the "other" and only share with others who are very close to you and possibly do ritual with you which is why I won't share mine here. Other's have different interpretations. None is right, none is wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heliotrope View Post
    This was a...well, this was an interesting topic to read through.

    My mother named me Chelsea at birth because she loved me, and she loved the name, and my middle name, Rae, was chosen from a movie because my mother thought that the character who bore the name was resourceful, beautiful, and clever. She chose those names for me because I am her daughter--and those two names hold more power through their use and their personal meaning than any title I could give myself. I like my name, and I like where it comes from. I don't really claim a craft name for this reason. I feel there is enough in the name I have right now.

    Granted, it may change and evolve over time. I may gain names, who knows? There is certainly one special name, one my mother was going to give me but didn't because my dad didn't want me to be named after a plant--Ivy. I guess if I were to have one, it'd be something to do with botany. I love flowers and gardens and dirt.

    But on the whole, I am just me, and I use the title I was given, because it was given in love. Sweeeet loooove... </dr. henry killinger>
    I find myself in agreement with Heliotrope (not the first time in the last few days )

    My given name is pretty magical, Tanya, from my Russian heritage, already means Fairy Queen. How is that not magical? Marie, French, and means Bitter Sea. Although I don't have a special affinity for the ocean, it is a place I feel at peace when I'm there. Fairy Queen of the Bitter Sea! That is pretty awesome, already
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