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Thread: Venerating and talking to animals (and their spirits)

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    Question Venerating and talking to animals (and their spirits)

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but here seemed better than other forums (mods, feel free to move).

    So, venerating animals and their spirits.

    I was thinking about this in the context of my own spirituality. Or, rather, maybe trying to fine-tune my spirituality by looking at how I view animals.

    I don't know when it started, but I often say hi to critters I see around. Squirrels, birds etc. (Not to mention the more sentient of critters, dogs and cats, etc).
    Naturally, they don't answer back (except for my cat, who I think gets frustrated that I don't know what her squeaks always mean). However, I still talk to the animals. Tell the crows to get out of the road already (carrion isn't worth being squished). That kind of thing....

    Also, in my line of work I often examine, identify and catalogue animal remains from archaeological sites. Years ago when I was alone in a basement doing this full time, I played music, sang along, and talked to the near-perfectly preserved skulls of animals from this 2000+ year old site. I didn't feel weird doing it. It felt right, despite the animals' spirits being long gone.

    Then I remembered when a local tribe's medicine man came to the university here to consecrate the various museum displays (including a display case of 5 ancient bison skulls from various kill sites in the area). He was chanting in his tribe's language, but I imagine he was thanking their spirits.

    Lastly, I often have animals enter my self-guided meditations. My 'altar' is practically all animal figurines. After adopting one cat, I want to adopt 10 more....

    I guess there's a question in there somewhere..... maybe that question is, is my spiritual nature trying to tell me something? be it that I should be working with animals, or continue what I'm doing in thanking their spirits, communicating....

    I don't even know what to call any of this.

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    I also do not know or understand the talking to animals or animal spirit thing.
    I just know that I also talk to the birds visiting the tree outside my balcony, my cats (they too, get frusterated that I don't always understand them). I have been known to talk to grandma's cows, chickens (this kept me from getting attacked while collecting eggs), my mother's 1st husbad's Pigs, My Uncle's Horses, and even an injured Great Horned Owl (in my yard), and my rat (when she was still alive).
    I have seen Tabitha (my rat) in my meditations, and even understood her presence when she appeared.
    I would definately try to discover what the animals are trying to tell you, and definately welcome the opportunity to thank and communicate with them. In my own experiences, they have been quite helpful when I have understood their messages.
    Blessings, and Thank You for bring up this discussion.

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