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Thread: Scared to meditate.

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    Thank you everyone for the advice. I sleep with a fan on for noise, so I can try using that for meditation, too. I'm thinking of just leaving the lights on and trying to ignore it, because I think that's better than getting freaked out. The other day it got so bad I pretty much ran out of the room, lol. I don't really think it's a deity, just because I don't actually feel a presence, you know? It's just my brain being weird.

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    Same goes for closet doors! xD I CANNOT meditate (or sleep, or do much of anything) if my closet doors are closed, because I always think something scary (MONSTERS?) are going to come out of it. It has to be open, with no scary clothes-shapes. :<
    Wow, I'm just the opposite. I have to have my closet closed, or else I'm scared I'll see something in there.

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    I prefer to meditate in the dark at night. I am like you in that I have school during the day and people are constantly around me somehow afterwards. Night time is when I can get some peace and quiet from everything. The dark makes me feel calm.

    If you don't like closing your eyes or being in the dark, keep em opened in the light. Listen to some music maybe. Or your fan. If meditation is finding inner peace and getting things straightened out, you have billions of avenues of options.
    "This too shall pass"

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    I've never meditated before, and this is part of the reason (other part being I don't care much about it XD). Thank you for asking this, I didn't think of it... the responses are extremely helpful. ^__^

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    It's just the Void.

    Nothing to be afraid of. It's nothing to begin with. Don't question it. Just be one with the nothingness.

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    joyous and liberal every one should be until his hour of death.

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    I can't believe I didn't respond to this when it was first posted. Try taking a hot bath during the day and meditating. Play your favorite relaxing music, and just...relax. Breathe deep, exhale deep, and just imagine you are clearing your body of all negativity. Then once you feel that negativity is gone, let the water fill you with clean flowing positiveness. Start out slow, take baby breathes. People get so worked up about whether or not they are doing it right. Just do what feels right to you. Stand in your kitchen with your arms at your side, and imagine roots growing from your feet down into the earth. Send your energy down into the earth, and feel balancing energy coming back to you from the earth. Lay in bed at night and tense and untense your muscles from your feet up. Imagine as you go those untensed spots filled with white light til you reach your head. There are alot of different things you can do to make meditation less intimidating. Just learn your to be ok in your skin. Its a great start!

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