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Thread: Defences Against the Witchcraft Craft, your take.

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    Defences Against the Witchcraft Craft, your take.

    I finished reading the book 'Call of the Horned Piper' and now I'm on 'A Grimoire for Modern Cunningfolk' by Peter Paddon and both books haven't disappointed me. I liked 'Call of the Horned Piper' because it talked more about the victims of the church and it talked about which Sabbaths are celebrated and the tools. So far Peter is a really good author and I'm enjoying reading him.

    However I'm now asking people what they think of 'Defence against the witches craft' by John Canard. I saw the book on 13moons and I'm really excited about trying to get my hands on the book. If anyone's read it was it good or bad. The summary sounds pretty exciting and I'm really having a lot of fun learning about Traditional Witchcraft.

    Note: I made a mistake on the title of the thread it's 'Defence against the witches craft.' Sorry about that.
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