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Thread: Odd one for you all... :p

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    Odd one for you all... :p

    So, I was somewhere like work and then found myself walking down the street and somehow my family was with me. My husband, 2 kids and I were walking to a home I lived in my childhood and as we passed a parking lot there was a man getting mauled by dogs ( or wolves?). I tried to hurry my kids along so they didnt get bit while my husband ran to the mans aid. I felt bad so my kids and I jumped in a pick up (I dont know whos it was) and drove over to the man and started trying to hit the dog/wolves with the car while my husband was in another car doing the same. I somehow ended up in the pickup truck bed with my children and the car was moving but no one was in the cab to drive. Then I woke up... Any meaning or was my imagination just vivid that night? :D I appreciate any input.

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    Wow. Remarkable set of images.

    Some dream symbols are shared between people and some are derived from your personal experiences - ultimately, only you can know what your dream means. But, having said that, I'll make a couple of suggestions...

    I'm struck by the number of groups touched upon in the dream. There is at least a vague association of a work environment, a family, a group of wolves or dogs (often symbolizing pack loyalty even by themselves), and a group of drivers. Consider the interplay of groups within your life - are they in conflict? How can you resolve this conflict? What is your part (or what part would different factions want you to play) in the group relationships.

    I also noticed that your husband (which could be he himself or a part of yourself in the dream) strikes out from the group on his own at one point. You might also want to ask yourself about issues of protection in your life. How protected do you feel in different group settings? To what extent do you provide protection to others in various groups?

    I hope these suggestions are helpful. And at least somewhat coherent...
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