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Thread: How do you do magic and how does magic work?

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    How do you do magic and how does magic work?


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    I like to think of magick this way:

    From my personal experience, it’s simply the understanding and the practical application of Cause and Effect. It’s a method and technique that teaches us how to have total fulfillment in our life. The “k” in Magick is to distinguish it from the illusion of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Magick is the Art and Science of causing change to occur, through the passion of Love.

    Anything that assists the human being to unlock the hidden potentials (power) that exist within, has a dark side AND a light side. Every religion has its dark side, and it’s light side. Every relationship has its dark and light side. Without the dark, there would be no light, and without the Light, there would be no dark. Besides it’s all a state of mind.

    Our lives are subject to constant change because that’s just what is! This allows each of us to grow, and transform to our highest aspirations.

    The need for Magick in our lives is so important, especially during this time of human development. There has been a Paradigm Shift in Universal Consciousness that guides the evolutionary process of the Human Being. This change is orchestrated by the larger system (the Universal Force or God, or by whatever name you choose to call it). The purpose of this change is for Balance, Renewal, and Creative Expansion.

    Yes, God does learn and grow also! Along with this change, the subconscious changes, and so does the language of exchange. And guess what? We have two choices … to surrender to the change or to resist and invite chaos and confusion into your life.

    Once this shift occurs, each person has a responsibility to make the necessary adjustments to keep the channels of communication open between the Universal Force, the Unconscious Mind, and the Conscious Mind. As one Magickian said, “Should you fall into the rut called ‘tradition,’ as many do, you will no longer be able to affect those subtle forces which you are trying to stimulate, because you will not understand them.”

    This Paradigm Shift occurs about every 2000 - 5000 years, which is called an Aeon. In 1904 we entered such an age, which ushered in a new Paradigm:


    This Paradigm demands utmost discipline and allows for maximum freedom with accountability for one’s actions, words, and thoughts. It indicates that we all have a purpose, and a will that is identified through TRUE WILL, which is written in our heart, not the mind. Each individual has the responsibility and the accountability to discover what his/her TRUE WILL is and to live it fully from moment to moment, and live in harmony with the rest of the Universe, being authentic in whom we truly are.

    The word of this Aeon is encompassed in the word Thelema, which means WILL in the Greek language. This Paradigm shift encompasses all true religions, and all diversities. The God force we are seeking is within ourselves, which makes us co-creators, as it has always been. Magick teaches people how to align themselves with this new change.

    And this brings me to the subject of power...

    Magick in essence is the use and control of natural energies or power to produce and effect needed change. There are three basic sources of natural energy or power used: Personal Power, Earth Power and Divine Power.

    Personal Power:
    Is the life force that sustains us and protects our earthly existence. It's the power that resides within our own bodies; some may call it "willpower". As we go about our daily business we are constantly absorbing energy, be it from the sun during the day or the moon during the night or the food and drink we consume. This energy we store and release during movement, exercise, sex, and even through our emotional states. This we all do quite naturally.

    In magick we learn to harness and arouse this personal power, infuse it with a particular purpose, release it and direct it towards it's goal.

    Earth Power:
    Is the power that resides within our planet and its natural products. Such things as: Stones, Trees, Wind, Fire, Water, Crystals, Oils and Scents. All these things and more possess unique powers and give out specific energies that can be harnessed and used during ritual and magick.

    Hold a stone in the palm of your hand (receptive hand), concentrate on your hand and visualise the stone. Feel it's force tingling? A crystal can be charged and then held against the forehead to clear up migraine or headaches with it's healing properties. Like-wise herbs and oils can be charged then rubbed onto the body to effect internal changes. These are just a few examples of earth power and it's uses.

    Divine Power:
    Is spiritual power, that which is charged and channelled by the Goddess and the God. Personal power and earth power are both manifestations of divine power. Divine power is the force of life, the source of everything, the power of the universe that created existence.

    To use divine power the Goddess and God need to be invoked to bless the magick being prepared, this is normally done inside a properly constructed circle (see Circle Casting). For instance during ritual, personal power may be used to effect some personal change, then directed to the deities asking for a specific need to be met.

    But essentially, Magick begins within us, its already there, an intuitive knowledge and instinctive ability passed down to us through aeons of regenerated reincarnations, it sits there deep in the back of the mind waiting to be used. The mind needs to be trained in the techniques of meditation, visualisation, concentration and imagination if once again we desire to use these forgotten abilities.
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    Good Question you had Brandonc1981

    That was an excellent question that you had and Ameniatha gave you an excellent answer. I couldn't have answered that better. The only thing further i think that I could add that is relative is to try to simplify what she said.

    If you think of magick in terms like electrical current

    If you direct the wires that carry the electrical current to a light the light goes on right? well the same is true with magick. if you direct the energy to where it has to go it does the job. Ameniatha did an excellent job breaking down the types of magickal energy also and to put those in simple terms also you can think of:

    Personal power: think of it as if you were using a bicycle to power a generator just about anyone can do it however a person that has trained their body can do it with stronger force right?

    Earth Power: think of this as water or coal or wind turning the turbines for the generator using this method you could make alot of lights come on right?

    Divine Power: think of this as using the strength of everything possible all at once to light up the world.

    Magick can be accomplished just using your personal power if you "train" yourself to muster up the energy within you and visualize it completing your goal.

    Magick can become much more effective especially for larger goals if you call in the assistance of the elements or objects from nature to combine with your personal power its like turbo charging the strength of the energy. When you use both of those things AND call upon the power of "God/ess" to aid and bless your endeavor it becomes as though the gods willed it to be. There are of course exceptions to the rule. Perhaps the gods work against what you have planned and decide to "VETO" it so to speak. then there isnt much you can do about that.

    There are however things that you can do to assist you in your magickal workings. Such as casting your spell at the appropriate time of day or night to maximize its influence with planetary powers and alignments and this even goes so far as the appropriate day and moon phase and even time of the year for maximum benefit. Also the invokation of the correct aspect of divinity with the correct combination of natural elements that will aid you.

    There are three essentials to magick:

    Timing, Cleanliness, and Emotion.

    Timing I already explained as far as moon phase etc but cleanliness is also important as this refers to not only your body being clean but also the magickal space being clean and your intent behind your working. Often times a fast of 24 hour up to 72 hours can be required to work certain magick also taking into consideration what spirits or energies you will be invoking for their help.

    Emotion is in reference to you having enough emotion and reason/purpose behind your magickal working and whether or not you can organize it and bring it to surface at its highest apex of strength before you send it out.

    These three things are very important to magickal work.

    One more example in regards to the timing.

    say you wanted to do a spell that has a love energy behind it. The best day for this would be Friday which is the day of venus. If the spell is for love to come your way doing this spell would be effective in the hour of venus durring the waxing of the moon or full moon however if it was to aid you in putting a relationship you cant seem to get over to rest doing it would be best on the day of venus in the hour of saturn or even possibly mars and also durring the waning of the moon or new moon.

    You could further strengthen these spells by casting the first one in the springtime or summer and the latter one in the fall or winter

    Also for the first one you could invoke the divine energies associated with venus and eros and for the latter one venus and Hades or Aries dependant upon what exactly you are really trying to accomplish.

    Magick is a serious thing that should not be taken lightly. I do not recommend practicing magick until you have a strong understanding of its inner workings otherwise you could bring upon yourself or others adverse effects then what you planned or in the very least your spell wont work.

    hope this helped and i didnt confuse you more.

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    Speaking of Crowley and Thelema, he once said: “Magick is the science and art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with the Will." I think that's a good definition. Magic is "hacking into the cosmos" so to speak, bending reality your way, making change on your own instead of appealing to God. Magic is spectacular and certainly dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, depending of course on what type of magic you would like to practice.

    I have some links I could give you that might be able to get you started Hope you don't mind! <---one of my favorites :D This one is my favorite, and really helped explain things better to me. <--- Very cool encyclopedia that lists everything from the Goetia spirits to Lourdes


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    Magic = spells, rituals and ceremonies.

    We manifest a goal, and program our brains to work towards that goal. A spell for true love might make you more open to look at people in a different light. A spell for a new job might make you look harder and in other places for a new job. A spell for more confidence make you feel more confident. A spell for friendship makes you more open to forming new friendships.
    Psychology, affirmations... same thing, different method. Remember the power ties?

    Magic is magic because people call it such and attach additional steps to a simple process.
    Color magic is just association but with a supernatural haze added over it.
    Affirmation, meditation, rites, visualization and rituals are all used in psychology as well. Doing visualizations programs your brain into a new pattern. Adding scents and colors, music and movement along with the visualization strengthen it. So, are you programming your brain or making the universe do your bidding by supernatural methods?
    I'd go for the simplest explanation, being that you're programming your impressionable brain... which can help it or hurt it. If you're prone to fancy you could trigger psychosis or convince your brain other things are going on.

    Some people don't like my explanation... *shrugs*
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