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Thread: physical change

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    physical change

    Hello everyone. I thought I posted this in another fourm, but now I can't find it. So, sorry if I'm reposting here, but I'm desperate for an answer.

    Can Reiki change physical manifestations? I've been thinking a lot about how our physical bodies change all the time. People get cancer...a few are spontaneously healed. Some people get acromegaly when their pituitarys malfunction, and their faces change beyond recognition. Some people have claimed to be healed from scoliosis. We accept all the time that things change for the negative, for unknown reasons, and we call it malfunction. But why can't things change for the positive just out of the blue? Yes, there is much in the way of science and rules/law that says this stuff can't happen. However, anyone inclined toward magic and "the unbelievable" generally ignore the naysayers and do their own thing anyway.

    There is a physical manifestation that I would very much like to see healed in myself. Is Reiki the way to go? Could I do it on myself and see results?

    Thanks for any help!!!
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    Scientific answer: no.

    Magical answer: possibly. Depends on the kind of therapy and the kind of physical problem. Unfortunately my knowledge of Reiki is limited to "it exists".

    Good luck!
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    You are asking for metaphysical solutions to physical issues.

    This is the second thread you have started on wanting to make a physical change in yourself. As it seems to be a fairly serious thing for you, I have to ask, have you consulted with your Doctor?

    If so, what was their opinion on this "needed change"?

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    Reiki energy flows to where it is most needed whether on the physical/emotional/spiritual level. Where it flows to is directed by ones higher self and may or may not be where you think you need it.
    But you need to remember that Reiki is a complimentary therapy and should never be substituted for professional medical advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EarthlyOne View Post
    complimentary therapy
    I might steal that phrase from you x3 That's the best way I've heard someone describe it



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