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Thread: Calling Any Empaths!

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    If you find energy work difficult have you looked into getting some crystals/stones that help with shielding? Or a charm made from someone you trust?

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    I had a discussion about this, in a necromancer's group on facebook. Several of us agreed that its really important to learn about empathy (esp. for those of us who are empaths) and to learn how to turn it on and off. And its always been very traumatic for me to get a hold of this matter. My mother had an even worse time, and it led to severe major depressive disorder and alcoholism. My brother also had trouble with depression, as have I, but for some reason I was always more responsive towards empathy than they were.

    I've done the best that I can. Its all any of us can do. Grounding and shielding has never helped me to deal with it. Stuff was still getting through. I was also concerned with the dynamics of using those techniques because I don't want to become blind to it, especially if it is happening for some reason that I'm supposed to acknowledge. So alot of the time, I would avoid those techniques. Sometimes I can turn it off like its a switch, and other times, touching ppl who have had a loss or other issues causes me undue grief. The longer I have it the more I learn how to describe how something feels, and where its coming from. Just two days ago I was in a bookstore and walked past a lady who had this sharp, spindly piercing energy all around her, and when i walked by I felt like I was being stabbed. I don't want to be around that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tavthe View Post
    I've done the best that I can. Its all any of us can do. Grounding and shielding has never helped me to deal with it.
    What method of Grounding and Shielding do you use? Do you also Center?

    If things are still getting through that you don't want, my first guess would be that you're technique is flawed (and likely lacks a proper energetic foundation). But to know if that is the case, I'd have to know how you go about it. There are many different ways of achieving the same end, after all. And for teh record, shielding isn't and either/or proposition. Rather, think of it as your psychic thermostat. You move it up and down as needed to keep you in your preferred comfort zone.
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