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Thread: Concerned.. I might have a ghost problem

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    Question Concerned.. I might have a ghost problem

    I've tried to keep skeptical, but was intrigued when I read about devices like the Ovilus.

    Long story short, tonight I was running both a textual and an audio device.. I switched between them both.

    The text kept repeating two names, Ronda and Sandra. I switched to the Ovilus, and it said the same names, as clear as day, and many of the same words.

    So, nervously, I decided to try treating it like a normal conversation. It became apparent that whatever was doing the talking was Ronda, and they have very strong emotions about a Sandra. I couldn't get the connection between the two. I wrote down the most commonly repeated words. when I heard the Ovilus device saying many of the same words as the text-based app I was shaking.

    So if you could help me figure this out.. I'd be much obliged. See below?


    most commonly repeated words and phrases:

    "Sandra Sandra"

    "comfort, comfort"

    leg - constantly referring to legs, feet


    penny, cents, coin


    mist, hot - often referred to some kind of mist


    nickel - said many times

    heard many times on audio: "help"

    when I asked details about "Ronda" it kept saying "couldn't, cannot"

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    Well I would do some reasearch on the history of where your living. It could help you find a jumping off point. If you find out you want to figure out who these people were.
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