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Thread: Does Anyone Know of Any Reputable for Real Reiki Healers?

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    Does Anyone Know of Any Reputable for Real Reiki Healers?

    Does anyone know of any reputable reiki healers?

    there are so many fakes that claim they can do "distance healings"

    and locally I'm not sure if the place that offers reiki is reputable either?

    does anyone here offer distance healings or can refer me to a real reputable reiki healer for some good distance healing???

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    Well, I know that there's a mod around here who used to do distance healing, but I have no idea if she still does, or what her rates are.

    To be completely open and honest, I have never had the same experience with distance reiki as I have with in-person reiki. If you can find someone in-person who has a reputation in your area, that would probably be the best way to go. IMHO.

    I have no idea if someplace like "Yelp!" would be useful in searching for someone, but it'd be worth a try. I found several reiki services offered in my area, in a quick search.
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    I agree with Sequoia that I've always had more success with in person sessions than distance healings. Ask around your community to check out the rep of your local Reiki practioner and if the person is unkown to you or you want to give them a shot but couldn't find much word of mouth about them then take someone with you for the session. I never say no if someone wants a friend or loved one with them as long as they're not disruptive. I don't know if the group is still active but there used to be a yahoo group called Grass Roots Reiki, it was about making Reiki affordable and available to people, and they might be able to help you find someone in your area. I've also seen some people list their Reiki services on Witchvox. You want to avoid anyone who charges outlandish prices but that being said some massage therapists are also Reiki practioners. Personally I wouldn't charge nor pay more than $25 for an in person session and I would never pay for a distance session. Those are my personal views. My general rule is that I don't offer distance healings but if you hit a wall you can pm me what your situation is and why you're looking for the healing and I'll see if I can be of more assistance.
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    I have pretty much the opposite views. I have seen remarkable success with distance Reiki. As for prices, I have heard them ranging from a dollar a minute to $80 an hour. Personally I would only deal with Reiki Master rather then a I or II.

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    Thank you all for your posts!

    Sequoia, I looked on yelp and the only ones with good ratings are too far for me to get to basically I can't drive on express ways around here because the roads here are horrible, if i turn on the wrong exit etc, I end up in a bad neighborhood and the expressways here are super busy as indiana /chicago is the crossroads of america..... I live in northwest indiana, about 30 minutes from chicago,illinois

    Raven_Rin thanks for offering to help me if you can I will pm you of my situation

    Chaos Hawk, may I ask for specific distance healers that you have received good healings from? if you don't feel comfortable listing them here,
    you can pm me
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    Looks like a lot in this forum is really old posts.

    However, when looking for a Reiki Practitioner I recommend asking them some basic questions like how were the attuned. Distance attunements aren't necessarily bad, I frown on those who were attuned via a youtube video with no backing. Also go with your intuition. See if they have testimonials up. Also even if someone is a pro distance healer does not mean they are right for you. Follow your intuition and if you get a bad vibe it may not be them, it may just be a bad fit.

    Those who are attuned to Reiki are really in abundance, but you could look into local spas or massage places as a lot of masseurs often have reiki offerings. If your wanting reiki for physical issues you may also want to look into Healing Touch. But oh wow I had a session once with that and it totally had a big detox effect. This is good overall, but it made me sick as the junk was stirred up. I decided to use gentler methods since obviously at that time I had a long way to go, but still I see its effect as being a testimonial of the effectiveness of the technique.

    I do distance reiki among other things professionally. If you'd like information I can give you it and some testimonials.

    Good luck finding a practitioner if you are still looking.



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