I've been thinking of a dream I had three or four time in my childhood. I can't remember very many nightmares in my life, but this is the only one I ever had more than once. I'd be interested in getting other perspectives on it.

I'm in the water when the dream begins, probably a river. The general feeling is one of dread. There are rocky walls on either side to a great depth, but I am near the surface. I swim upwards and (though I can't be sure on this point) I think I surface on the right side of the water first. In one version of the dream, I see a field full of piles of hay (loose but placed symetrically). It's very misty, and I feel that it isn't safe there. In another version of the dream, I see a forest. Everything there is covered with gray fungus - the slime from it hangs between the trees and mushrooms cover the ground. This fungus seems to be slowly consuming everything. Again, I know it isn't safe here. In yet another version, this fungus scene appears on both sides of the river.

I dive down into the darker depths of the river. There are caves here and (maybe) fish. It's dark down here, but (in at least a couple of instances - I think) I see a light ahead. But, as I swim forward, my sense of dread intensifies and I begin to hear a voice echoing through the water that repeats, "Yum, yum./ Yum, yum./ Yum. yum." Always in groups of two like that and on a rising inflection. I can't tell if the voice is male or female, but it has a quality that is somehow both greedy in a dangerous way (possibly) and disinterested.

I'd love to hear what people have to say. I'm f---ed in the head is a given - but I'm hoping for some insight on this particular facet of my insanity.

Oh, by the way, I know there are people out there (I believe not a lot of them) who take personal recollections like this and try to use them against people. I'm hoping no one will do that with me, but I'm equipped to do more than just hope. Stand warned.