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Thread: Thoughts on a dream...

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    Thoughts on a dream...

    Lately I've begun to have dreams that I seem to have pulled up from the back of my mind from younger years. Its been happening alot in the last few months but there is this one dream that has me abit bothered. I don't remember all of the dream,just this one part,and even that one part is sketchy,it goes like this:

    I walk into my dinning room with a mini watering can in my hands(its fulll of water) to go water my indoor plants that I have sitting on the window sill of the big windowthat takes up most of the outside wall(the one that faces my backyard) I pull the curtains aside and start to water my plants when,for some reason,I look up and out the window and I notice a dog coming in the back gate.

    *I should mention that underneath my back gate is a groove or a little dip in the land caused by the earth being packed down and such.Now the groove is pretty small but a determined feline can and has managed to slip underneath the gate because of the groove.The dog was getting in using the groove.*

    The dog was a younger husky(almost full grown) and it was a beautiful dog and it(I'm not sure but I get the feeling 'it' was actually a she) still had alot of that unique brand of puppy energy. It came up to the window and jumped up on the storage box underneath it(the one we got rid of a year ago) and stood up on its hind legs and started staring excitedly at me.It didn't really bark or whine,something I found abit odd but didnt really pay attention to. I talked to it for alittle while,even intorduced it to my plants and my mother and then I heard my mother call me from the other room and I told the dog to go home.It just sort of stared at me and I said it again but alittle louder and firmer and this time the dog got down and started to leave but asoon as it hit the grass line at the edge of my patio it would stop,sit down for a few seconds and then come right back.This kept happening everytime I told it to go.

    At first I thought it was cute,then it got annoying and then it started to feel really creepy.Like the hairs on your neck and arms stand up and that little voice in your head suddenly isnt so little and quiet anymore. I started to feel really scared and then I looked in its eyes again and I suddenly couldnt move. I began to really panic then.

    *You see,I am pretty much always moving,if I'm still for a certain amount of time then I begin to get nervous,then jumpy and then I'll start to panic .*

    Suddenly there was a flash of pain that went down my spine and laced its way through me like a poisson in my veins. Then I woke up covered in a cold sweat and with a bleeding cut on my left palm.

    I was just wondering what others thought about the dream,If it keeps happening,then there's a good chance that it means something and I'm just not getting it.
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    Often when people get hurt during their sleep it can feel painful in the dream. How did you cut yourself?

    Dogs symbolise loyalty, pack behaviour, and plenty of other things depending on its behaviour. The dog in your dream turned up through the gap in your garden gate, but you also changed the way you felt about it. This feeling you had started positive and became quite negative. It changed the mood of the dream as you felt scared of it. This happened just as you felt pain then, so wonder if that dog was a visiting spirit warning you about it.

    Btw in my past dreams, I've encountered people and animals who make me feel very cold. Usually that is because they're deceased. It's not always hard to tell but in your case you suffered a painful cut during sleep.
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    You're dream actually made me think about animal totems. I had a friend who was severed from his animal spirit and after a while it started to show up in his dreams but he couldn't connect the way they had used to. Through guided mediatation he was able to reconnect and the dreams stopped. Could that husky be a part of you that you have lost or been ignoring?



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