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Thread: Uncommon dream for me

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    Uncommon dream for me

    I normally have peaceful dreams, I have never really been yelled at or felt any deep fear in my dreams. Also, my dreams like to skip around with out any in between action so I'll just put a couple of dashes where that happens.

    A Russian man, that looked vaguely familiar to me was there and we were just going around, shopping and the such. We got pulled into some dangerous stuff, there was a bomb on a boat, and some guy who left even though he was on our side. (throughout the dream, i was either in denial or ignoring the fact the Russian was attracted to me)
    The Russian guy at this point began driving around, but he was acting different. He seemed angry and ignored everyone.
    We had left some big building and were about to get back in a truck, but he started screaming and yelling at me, getting in my face. He was saying I was a b**ch and that he knew I was aware of his attraction to me. I was curled up and bawling. The entire time he was screaming at me, I felt as though he was going to rape or kill me.
    My mom was driving me and him later, oblivious to the fact he had assaulted me, and saying he was an amazing person, and the only guy she would trust around me. At the house i was walking around trying to get some stuff done, and he was there every time i turned a corner. At one point I went into the bathroom and was getting undressed for a shower but decided to head to my room. I walked past him on my way and ignored him, but turned before I shut the door, and he was glaring at me.

    My bro woke me up before the end of the dream. I'm no good at interpreting my own dreams, so I really need help. My dreams are never this extensive, and I never get assaulted. Another weird thing is that the Russian man was very handsome, and I had no real reason not to be attracted to him.

    Thanks in advance

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    The dream could imply you have trust issues or something is bothering you. The Russian link and the handsome guy is more to do with emotional state and problems that happened in your past, barriers you've had, someone (an actual person who you know or used to know). That person could've had a significance in your life and the other thing is a warning sign, and you could be doing something without thinking carefully.
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