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Thread: Feeling irresistibly compeled and in need of support

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    Feeling irresistibly compeled and in need of support

    Lately, I seem to have been compelled toward a particular view of divinity. It seems to be drawing me despite the past fifteen years or so of attempting to view it otherwise. Thoughts on this in particular would be appreciated. But I'm sure that, this being MW, at least one other person might see things this way. Or, maybe if they do and haven't posted yet, they might feel comfortable with posting it now. Here goes.
    Divinity is all and all is Divinity. Divinity also seems to be irrefutably, at least for me, female, known, also to me, as Goddess. This does not at all exclude the male essence, however, as this would make no logical sense to me because it does most definitely exist. Plus, I'm Way too hetero for all that! My fiance would agree. Lol! Anyway, the God is also included because He was created by Goddess, so, in essence, they are a part of each other. Haha! I think I made a pun! So Goddess created all, including herself, the God, and the universe and all that lives on it. She is both beyond and manifested in all living things, as well as the universe and its astrological manifestations. She also exists in the forms of deities, male, female, and other, as she is represented in all living things which cover the gamut of sexuality. Damn, I feel like I'm swimming across the ocean posting this! Lol!
    I've always been inexplicably drawn to particular deities, all of whom I encountered through research and or mythology. Like many Americans, my main introduction to other than the Judaio-Christian deity was the Greek and later the Roman pantheon. I'ave always admired the Demeter-Persephone myth, having always felt bad for Persephone, who was minding her own girly business and then got kidnapped, and most likely worse, by Hades. At one point, I even wrote a little story for myself concerning it, how a girl felt like Demeter mourning Persephone when she is unable to be her true self around others. Weird, but it was there. I'ave also felt drawn to Artemis for her strength and complete independence as well as love of nature and animals. Diana also seems to be calling, in a more independent and strong, but somehow more motherly, kind of way, as well as her love of the wild and its creatures. Both also seem to be symbolized at some time by doves, for whom I've always felt a particular affinity. I'd have some as pets, but my cat would enjoy them too much. I've always loved homes and the warmth that is conveyed by a home inhabited by a person or, even better, people who are at least content and happy within it. So, Hestia, but not Vesta for some reason, has also gently drawn me. Athena, with her independence, strength, and emphasis on wisdom and justice seems to have insistently urged me throught my life, as well as Hecate, with her emphasis on all the dark, destructive things we would rather not face but have to go through anyway. I've never felt her as threatening, just all-knowing and understanding, but insistent on letting you know what's best for you even if you try not to notice it. I believe that Demeter, with her motherly persistence and support, Athena with her wisdom, Artemis and Diana with strength/independence, Hecate with her knowledge of the necessary darkness, and Brigid with her promise of healing all helped me leave a relationship that had begun to become abusive. I'm sure that some other may have had similar experiences.
    When I first learned about Wicca, I thought it was imperative, or at least rude or something, not to acknowledge the God. However, I myself have never felt a particular pull toward any male deity, even Cernunos or Herne. Personally, I have a problem with the Greek male gods because they seem to have kind of gone around raping female deities and humans. Having situations which, although not nearly as serious, have succedded in severely diminishing my trust in the male gender toward the female, I don't want that anywhere near me. But, anyway, as far as ritual or meditation goes, I don't feel drawn toward the God essence, not because He isn't there or important, but because I simply can't relate, as a woman, to a man's experience of things. I'm sure others have experienced this as well. I like the tenets of Wicca as a general rule, but I don't feel at this particular time that magical work is necessary for me. I'm called right now to the spirituality rather than the magical, if that makes sense. Finally, regarding the sun and moon and seasons, I've always felt that they were something other than male, so the couple Goddess-centered wheels of the year make more sense to me than the male. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hello Chenoa.... :grins: I personally think you are on a beautiful Eclectic Pagan path... I believe there is a Divine Power/God.... this God is not male nor female... but both.... it is the sun the moon the earth... fire ... water... air.... mind body and spirit... it is anything and everything this world is made of... we are even the Divine God in ourselves.. this Divine God is also the creater of all our deities to help us along our spiritual paths with each being able to help us with their strengths and ablilites .... some may find more draw and need more help from the Goddesses... and others may feel more draw and pull from the Gods.... and then there are even the ones that look more to the Divine God.... everyone is different and always follow how your heart feels and what it tells you and you will never go wrong... that's what the Divine wants for us all anyway in the end... I send many Blessings to you Chenoa.... Blessed Be.....
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    When I first discovered paganism I was all up into Wicca. It was the first thing I came across that was anywhere slightly close to what I believed and that was amazing to me and at the time enough for me. But soon I began to feel like it was not the correct path for me. It was like wearing someone else's clothing, it just didn't feel right to me. There were several issues I had but one of the problems was that I completely ignored the God. I was all about the Goddess and She got my full attention. Luckily I found the Dianic path and met a great woman who helped me find info on it & pointed me in the right direction.

    This path is perfect for me, but it is surely not for everyone.

    There are so many ways to look at and feel the Divine. Figuring all that out really opened the door to my understanding. I honestly view the Divine as more genderless, as above a simple box such as gender. I lean a bit towards pantheism actually. But I feel that it helps to give the Divine a face, an aspect, an archetype to be able to relate, discover and connect on a very personal level. This path is very much manifest, unlike some others, is much more about finding the divine within us. Instead of looking up into the heavens for answers it is turning the focus within. And within me happens to be a full blown woman. It is about finding that connection within me to the earth & the Goddess & the flow of energy.I can relate and find myself within the energy of a Goddess.

    I am currently reading the book Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries by Ruth Barret & she talks about the need for celebrating women's mysteries and seeing the Goddess within us, bringing that sacredness & spirituality into every aspect of our lives and minds. Seeing just as the changing seasons are beautiful and sacred so am I. So is the energy and wonder that makes me alive and gives us our mysteries and our own cycle of life.

    I think definitely you should explore your own feelings and thoughts. Journaling really helps me. And see where the path may lead you
    Listen to my sound. I am the wind, which echos through the trees. The gentle breeze which tickles your flesh. Touch that which you walk upon. I am the green fields filled with fresh flowers. My breast the mountain peaks which reach toward the heavens. My curves the endless canyons. The waters that run through my womb, nourish the sacred river of life. I am the song within the storm. The whisper on the edge of the forest. The silence. The rush of raging waterfalls. Open your eyes my child, for I am everywhere. I have never left you and never will.



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