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Thread: Representing but not worshiping the God on the altar?

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    Representing but not worshiping the God on the altar?

    For those of you who acknowledge the existence of the God aspect but don't worship Him yourselves, do you represent Him at all on your altar? Could you have a statue to acknowledge that the God is a part of life but have your altar emphasize the Goddess for yourself? Thoughts?

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    I mainly worship the goddess (Moon Goddess and Gaia) but always have something to represent the god (The green man) any plant or leaf or twig from the forest that I feel drawn to.

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    After a wonderful year and half of following a Goddess-centered path, I was very surprised to feel a pull toward the God. I am still a bit unsure about the whole thing because I became very comfortable with the idea that Goddess is All and All is Goddess. My relationship with Goddess is intuitive and deep and lovely. I have never had a relationship with a male deity before, so this is all new to me. As a result, I can't really say I worship Him. I have a statue of Him on my altar, but honestly, when I sit down to do my work, I acknowledge Him in my prayers, but I haven't really felt a strong connection, yet. I am not one to give up easily, especially after only a month and a half. Besides, there must be a reason why I have felt the pull. I remain open to possibilities.



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