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Thread: Dreams with messages

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    Dreams with messages

    I don't often have dreams that clearly try to tell me something in words, but I had one recently like this and here is how it went:

    I was either visiting or moving to Canada (been tossing the idea round for a few years) with some of my family. It was in the countryside and very old-world with fire pits outside homes and crosses stuck in the ground as if in a graveyard. I took up a stone, a smoky quartz and felt its energy. The stone then glowed bright green and when I took my hand away the word "WING" was left imprinted in it. I turned it over and the opposite side said "DIER" - in the dream, I think this word may have gotten cut off.

    I'm usually good at interpreting my dreams at least to an extent, but this one's got me... puzzled. Any thoughts?

    Anyone have lots of experience dreaming messages that later came true or didn't?

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    The words messages in dreams stand out for you. It has some backgorund with you being in another place like Canada. A crystal in dreams can mean you yourself. It's about your body as well as spirit. The word "wing" appeared in the crystal, that might be one word to describe how you're feeling or maybe goals: flight, leaving, escape, freedom. Often sometimes words like numbers and symbols really don't mean anything.
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