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Thread: best oil for scars

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    best oil for scars

    What's the best essential oil(s) for old scars, (resulted from bad acne, on the back)?

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    Any carrier oils (which are the various vegetable oils that you use to dilute the highly concentrated essential oils) that contain Vitamin E help with skin regeneration and health... I would recommend Jojoba and Almond. However, I've read that almond oil, although used widely as a massage oil, can sometimes lead to acne and breakouts, but then again, Jojoba and Olive are supposed to be entirely risk-free when it comes to acne, yet I sometimes get a small pimple or two on my back after a massage or salt scrub, so go with how your skin feels.

    As for essential oils, Rose Hip Tree oil is supposed to be INCREDIBLE at regenerating skin cells. I read/scanned a few scientific studies that showed that the daily use rose hip tree oil led to noticeable and significant improvements in general scars, acne scarring, and even stretch marks. It's also a very safe oil-- not sure about ingestion, but it can be used directly on the skin without worrying about irritation or "overdose." It's also relatively affordable.

    So why not grab some Vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, castor (another oil good for the skin) and even some olive and throw it all together in a bottle (making note of how much is used of each incase you have a break out or something and need to alter your blend), and add as much of that rose hip tree oil as you can afford. I'm sure other essential oils are useful as well, so do a bit more research.

    Good luck.



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