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Thread: Paranormal Photographs? POST HERE!

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    Exclamation Paranormal Photographs? POST HERE!

    I've had many discussions with people over the years on "how to tell if it's an orb" when you get a circular spot in a photograph. I took this recent photo of my baby cat Genesis and I find it quite odd. I'd like your opinion on it. Also... post pics of your own here. I'd like this to be a thread to post pics with "oddities" and discuss them....
    Maybe "STICKY" material?

    Feel free to change the Title of the thread....
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    I think it's an interesting picture, but not processed correctly since you can see through the cats paws and there are a couple areas on the photo with the gold light.

    I love the idea of posting paranormal pic though!

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    That's an interesting picture!

    I learned a lot about orbs on accident. I received a digital camera when they were fairly new, and the first few pictures were covered in "orbs" and I was slightly freaked.

    Then I did some research and the digital cameras of that time being new would show mottled specks in some instances just because it was a digital camera.

    So, nothing to worry over.

    And .. that's my huge experiences with orbs. (non-existent)

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    I once attended a "Haunted Tour" in the rain. The tour stopped in an cemetery, and everyone started flashing away, claims of orbs abound as the rain fell down... You can see where this is going. Orbs in photos are not IMHO evidence of paranormal activity. Considering all of the fun things cameras and computers can do, orb popularity and photographic "evidence" easily faked... I think it is best to dismiss the concept of Orbs unless they are systemic to a particular place or situation. Certainly the photo of your cat is little more then the cat changing positions in the middle of a particular camera function that I totally don't understand.

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    The distortion is around the body of the cat as well. I'm wondering if the plastic part on the envelope (where the "to" address is normally) may be disturbing the camera and another other light around it. This to me looks like a normal photo with some light disturbance. Although it would be cool to see more pictures!
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    I've just posted a weird pic I got yesterday in a separate thread. Sorry, I didn't see this thread until after I posted. Please take a look and tell me what you think.

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    I am normally very skeptical of pictures that are "ghosts" but I also am not a true judge of what is real and what is not... What stands out most to me is that blurred area by the cat's front legs. Okay, yeah things can get blurry for many reasons; however, I think I can see through the cat's body and see the print of the envelope! How does an image makes a solid being transparent?

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