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Thread: Runes and Cancer

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    Runes and Cancer

    Heilsa brothers and sisters:

    Someone know a Binrune or some indiviual Runes to stop or make dissapear an stomach Cancer, please is urgent, I aprecciate too much if someone who knows can contact me, Thank you

    In Frith


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    Hailsa Alu,

    You can use the runes for healing purposes. When you cast a rune, ask your question what it is about healing from cancer and select a rune.

    The Kaun rune is said to be a rune for illnesses and healing. There is also Inguz rune for harmony or restoring harmonics in you, that could be physical and spiritual. What I found was using a single runic reading "Ingwaz", for the Earth. This rune suggests you need to look after your body with excersise and a healthy eating habit. It's a harvest rune that can't be reversed so there isn't any negative meanings. As for the restoration of your body, I'll send you a PM for a deeper reading using the three runic system.
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