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Thread: Revenge and the 3Fold Law

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    Quote Originally Posted by aynfean View Post
    I heard a version of the "law" that goes:

    Do what you will, know what you do.

    Which to me makes a lot more sense and is far more "liveable".
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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicTree View Post
    I do not believe in the Rule of Three. I tend to have a very scientific view of energy, in that it is neither created nor destroyed - therefore if we do good things, we get those good things back; if we do bad things, we get those bad things back...
    It has not been my experience that things happen this way, at least not in this this lifetime. There are people who do awful things and never see the consequences. Quite the opposite, actually. Some of these people seem to reap great rewards. Similarly, there are good people who only ever seem to get the bad side of things.

    Because I see no evidence that those who do good get good back and those who do bad get bad back, it is not a part of my belief system.

    Quote Originally Posted by CosmicTree View Post
    I tend to think this way. When people have done wrong things to me, sometimes it is very hard, but I find comfort in knowing that somewhere... sometime... they will get theirs in return, and I will be relatively safe because I erred on the side of caution. I feel that any person who is willing to use magic to cause harm for any reason should only understand the potential consequences for themselves. I am not one to mandate morals. One should realize that karma does operate and your deeds will come back to you.
    Also in Buddhism, karma manifests itself in your future reincarnations... so you might not have to worry about it for a while.
    This one always smacked of victim blaming to me, because it makes it too easy to say, "Sure, their life is hard, but they have only themselves to blame, they should have been better in their past lives." Now, I realize that part of this probably stems from the fact that I've never really looked to deeply into the concept (and part of it probably has to do with the fact that so many people talk about "Karma" when they're really talking about "The Law of Return" or some similar concept, and so most of my exposure to the concept of Karma has been tainted by the fact that most Westerners don't really seem to get this particular concept - and as a Westerner I have no reason to believe that I understand it any better, though I do at least realize that it's an "over the course of many lifetimes" thing, as opposed to a "What you do in this life will bite you in the butt in this life" kind of thing).

    Regardless, if it's a part of your system, cool, but there's no reason for me to "realize that karma does operate and [my] deeds will come back to [me]." This concept is not a part of my belief system.

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