I have no idea what this dream means. I've had it before off and on and it's always the same. It seems like a memory that has long past. Anyways before I tell you guys the dream note I have never been on a boat or ship/cruise ship or whatever in my life. I am also interested in past lives and I have been trying to figure out what my past life could have been if I had one.

It was like a very vivid memory. I remember opening my eyes and there was a beautiful fireplace in front of me as I got up. It looked like it was made of wood as did the walls and had a gold trim on it. As I was sitting up from whatever I was on and looking towards the door, I instantly felt scared and this overwhelming fear and desperation to get to someone and get off this ship. I ran through the door and I was on a deck of a ship it looked like and it was kind of leaning towards me. [like I was looking up a hill I guess you could say] and I see this young man about in his early 20s and for some reason I saw myself running to him and he hugged me, I yelled his name which I cant remember and I was in his arms randomly. I still felt the fear I looked behind me and there was water coming towards us and I knew the boat/ship I was on was sinking. I watched helplessly with this man holding me as the water got closer. Then the water came over us and I felt how cold this water really was. It was so cold. I can't explain it. I was holding my breath as the man ended up a few feet away from me. I snapped out of the dream a little bit in my head and I thought I was holding my breath in real life. So I told myself hold your breath in your dream but breath through your nose. So I was trying to breath through my nose and all I could see was bubbles. That part is weird. Anyways my vision started to blur and I was trying to get to the man as he was trying to get me. I was reaching for him as my vision got worse and worse. Everything then went completely black.

This last part doesn't feel like a memory like the first part did.

Then I remember opening my eyes on the side of the boat. It was dark like it was night time still and the boat was split in half and it seemed as tho it was just sitting in a shallow area. I could see people in the water and it looked like we were at like a little beach with people on the beach. I looked to my left and saw on of those ramp things the y use to get onto cruise ships and stuff I got on it and looked down the ramp it looked like it had been on fire with the hot coals and ashes. I tried to tip toe around it. I put my foot down on some hot coals. Yet it didn't burn I could feel the ashes in between my toes. I got off the ramp and ran across the beach trying to find the man I was with. I felt the sand on my toes and it was surprisingly warm. I crawled up on this little hill over looking the water it was covered in cool green grass. The man found me and we were happy to see each other. I woke up after we found each other.

I'm sorry it's so long but it confused me. Everything felt like a memory. Except the last part my head probably made up. I've never been good at figuring out my dreams and this one seemed really different and weird I couldn't think of a way to search for a explanation for it. So I thought I'd ask you all what do you think this could mean? Could I have been dreaming only of my death? Is this dream somehow linked to my past life? So many questions. Thank you for taking time to read this.