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Thread: Shadow beings

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    I can recommend runic cleaning. This is the runic formula from Runava, named "Fiery Snake" It is rather hard clean-up, but very strong and can clean even necro affixment. Those who need instructions for using, you are welcome to ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sequoia View Post
    Not to scare you or anything, because this sort of thing can happen occasionally to anyone... but when that specific experience (shadow-y things out of the corner of the eye) starts happening to me frequently, I have to get my medications adjusted.

    I'm not kidding.

    Some of the earliest/simplest hallucinations are the easiest to dismiss. You really don't know if it was "a trick of the eye" or an actual hallucination until it either gets worse or goes away. If it doesn't go away, consider seeing a doctor - either your eyes need testing (it happens) or you may need to be screened for early symptoms of a psychiatric disorder (it also happens).

    Metaphysically speaking, I have heard of "Shadow Beings," however, I am not confident of their existence as a specific creature. I think the idea of a "shadow being" may be simply a common way of visually interpreting all sorts of spirits and creatures.
    Quote Originally Posted by Áine de Morrígan View Post
    While I don't want to be stepping on the toes of those who do believe in shadow beings, I have to agree with this post in its entirety. My best friend is bipolar and can suffer from extreme hallucinations when he's not on medication, so as a result I am a big proponant of thoroughly checking the mundane and health-related avenues first. But equally, yes, this sort of thing can also happen to anyone - especially when you're on the verge of sleep. So unless it happens again, I wouldn't worry too much about. Though go ahead and cleanse the room etc for peace of mind if you want!
    I have to agree, check everything else out first.

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