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Thread: Had a wonderful dream about a girl I like......needs guidance please

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    Smile Had a wonderful dream about a girl I like......needs guidance please

    Dear fellow members,

    Around May this year I had a dream about a girl I liked for many years, I like her personality very much.

    It was a very beautiful dream, perhaps the most beautiful dream I've had in my life. It was felt from the heart. I can't recall everything but the girl I liked was sitting on this chair surrounded by other females and the venue seemed like a university lecture hall, although its possible it was some other venue. Anyway I was standing there and she smiled at me and pointed to sit on the seat next to her, her smile was very beautiful and when I sat next to her, I felt light and very amazing lol, she continued smiling, it was an incredible feeling, the feeling you get when something amazing has happened to you. This dream was only for a few seconds and it was a very intensely beautiful feeling that I got out of it that I nearly cried when I woke up lol.

    The night I had the dream, I was a a bit upset becauase I did not have any female friends and I prayed to god to give me a chance to atleast talk to her and then I had a beautiful dream with her in it.

    A few notes:

    1) As stated, this girl is related to my aunty and she comes from my own community of relatives.
    2) She is four years older than me and I'm 22.
    3) I've known her by presence most of my life through parties, events etc when I was young, but she only knew my presence until I was in my late teens and through her parents and her cousins(who know me a bit, but not too much) got to know a bit about me.
    4) She knows I'm a bit shy and I don't really talk to females. She looked back at me in one party a few weeks earlier while I was standing behind her in a dinner line. We have brushed a few friendly 'hello's before and she seems like a kind, friendly person

    So what does this dream mean?

    Guidance much appreciated,
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    It sounds like you care very deeply for her. As far as I can tell, your dream doesn't really indicate anything more than that. It may have been a reaction to her looking back at you in line. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to idicate to you that she may be more interested in you than you've thought and it's time to try getting to know her better. Have you made any attempts to get to know her better so far? Like inviting her out or something?

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    I do care for her and she has a ver good personality. She is 4 years older than me. The night I had the dream I was going through a stressful time and I actually prayed to god that I hope one day to talk to her at least, if not be in some assitance to her life. And after that, I had this beautiful dream about her!.

    She may have wanted to talk to me when she looked back at me in the line AND her cousin sister kept looking at me.

    I have'nt tried anything, because I only see her at events and parties etc. But I know I have to initiate if I want her in my life.
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