The other day I was thinking about an old friend (who I used to have a thing for...) that I had dropped out of contact with for more than 5 years. That night or the night after, I had a dream (I don't remember the goings-on) that featured this friend. Back when this person and I would talk, I used to have dreams of him all the time, including one where I dreamt of his father's car, a car I'd never seen or been told about. Weird things like that.

Anyway, two days later he emails me out of nowhere, wanting to catch up. Apparently he's planning a trip to where I'm currently living (the same part of the country, anyway) and was thinking about all his friends in the area.

I was basically floored, kicked in the chest by emotion or whatever, and didn't reply until tonight, 5 days later (all of two sentences, I couldn't give more than that, mostly because I am busy, but also because our friendship disintegrated when I told him how I felt, back then, when we were about 21.)

Anyway, no real interpretation needed. I just needed to get this out. It was weighing on me big time. Normally I would have chatted to my "sister" friend about this sort of thing, but she's gone to the Summerlands. So I have this huge "thing", the knowledge that yet again I dreamt of him in a significant way (what do you call that, a premonition dream or a calling dream?) Anyway this "thing" is not going away. Buggy buggy buggy.